Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Spirits Have Been Lifted...Well, at Least Until I Heard the Wrsther Report

My son came for a visit on Saturday,  and he was quite surprised that I was still without a computer since I had not said anything about it.  He told me he has a friend who offered him a computer tower and asked if I would want it. He would ask her and let me know and, she said yes, I could have it.  He said that it was old, but if it has a keyboard and works, who cares? Even if it just tides me over until I can get a new one, it is a blessing.  My son has been filming and promised to bring it his first day off which will  be Wednesday. 

But now they are forecasting snow and brutally cold weather.  My son lives way up in the Bronx,  and even the frigid temperatures they are forecasting and even though he will be traveling by subway, I really don't want him to travel in that kind of weather.

Well, I am off now to go to the supermarket. With the frigid temperatures they are forecasting,  I am guessing that I will probably be housebound for the rest of the week.

Will keep you updated.


  1. Keep warm and safe Mary! Hope the weather smartens up for all of us. It has been brutal here.

  2. I've heard it's going to be the polar vortex part 2. Blek. Stay sage and warm Mary, and hugs!

  3. Stay warm and indoors. The wind is blowing like crazy and the snow is falling here too! I hope you get your computer soon! And sometimes the older computers are the best (I sure miss my old one that died, affectionately called "computer from old country." :)