Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Cold Day

Another brutally cold morning. They say this cold spell is about to end, and I sure hope when it does, the weather will moderate for awhile. I am really getting depressed and need to get out of the house and be with people. It is so cold that even with all the heat I get, there is still a chill throughout the apartment.
 Miss Minga decided to help me put away the Christmas decorations. I felt bad when I had to put the box away.  She did put quite a scare in me.  Yesterday she had some difficulty getting to her feet in the morning and walked with a noticeable limp.  She has had a slight limp due to arthritis, but not as bad as yesterday.  Of course in my depressed state I began thinking the worse and spent most of the day in tears.  I am glad to say that today she is back to her usual self.  SShe hasn't been doing much jumping lately and even though it is only a short distance down, she may have sprained her leg a bit. 

Stay warm and take care of yourself in this brutal weather.


  1. Sorry about the cold. Canada left the back door open by mistake.

  2. Sorry to hear about Miss Minga, Mary...hope she gets to feeling a lot better! Poor Girl! You both need to stay inside where it's warm, wrapped in warm blankies, with a good cuppa choco! :)
    It's been brutally cold here, with wind chills in the 40 below zero deal. I had virtually no heat for almost two days and finally called the apt. manager to get something done about it. They came right away, it is much better this a.m. I am not going anywhere!
    Today is better with a high of 5 and wind chills of minus 20 something?
    Good news is by the end of the week we are lookin' at the thirties for highs so I'm excited, lol.
    Guess it is time for me to take down my decorations too...I like all the reds and's all so festive eh?
    Have a good week Sister and know I'm thinking of you!

  3. It's so scary when our furbabies seem sick or out of sorts. I"m glad Miss MInga has recovered. Sending lots of blessings

  4. Good morning Mary.....""oh baby it's cold outside". Try and stay warm and cozy....I know you will get busy with little projects.



  5. I'm glad Miss Minga is better today! Hugs Mary. I wish i could hug you in person, and i.hope you can get out and socialize soon!

  6. Mary, maybe it's time to live by the weather, and when it causes you to stay indoors, do all your quiet and meditative work. And when the weather is better get out there and be social and do all your active work. This is what our ancestors did. Sometimes the weather causes us to be inside too much and we get depressed, but I find if I use this time to do that work that requires the darker, slower and quieter times, it is time spent to good use.

  7. I sure do hope Minga will be okay, Mary, my friend, she sure is a beautiful cat.

  8. It's raining here in Canada! Oh, we had the arctic cold snap as well, but now it's almost springlike! LOL.
    Hope kitty is better.