Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Wonderland

It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it.

John Burroughs

Good morning, everyone. Thanks to all for your well wishes. I am feeling much better today. It was just some little bug that had to work itself out of my system. After a diet of dry toast, one boiled egg, a banana, and a hunk of Swiss cheese, I woke up starving this morning and want to eat everything in sight. It's going to be very hard to control myself, but 'pigging out' isn't the answer.

Despite my plans to stay in and nurse myself back to health, I had to go out yesterday.  I didn't go very far, only to the corner store.  With my tummy acting up I was afraid to go as far as the supermarket.  Miss Minga was in need of food, and hubby really doesn't know how to buy it for her.  She is just so fussy, even I never know what she is going to like from one week to the next.  It wasn't that I had no food for her. In fact, I have enough cans to last me until Friday, but these are foods she liked last week but sticks her nose up to this week. I spoil her so.  She is my precious little Angel, and I really don't know how long she will be with me. And now I am going to get off that subject because I cry every time I think of it.
The first snow came early this year, but they did say we are in for a rough winter.  It is a shame that city snow doesn't stay nice and fluffy for long. Today, it is very cold and probably the sidewalks, those not shovelled, are   a sheet of ice.  I may not even leave the house today.  As I told hubby, these were the kind of days I didn't go to work.  Why now take a chance on falling to go to the Center?  And probably not many will be there anyway.  Remember at 66 I am the youngest person there.  Most are in their 80's. 
Love how all the ladies have adopted me like a daughter. Sometimes I really don't know how to act.  I'm so used to being everybody's mother. It's kind of fun having people look out for me for a change. And with that, I bid you all a wonderful day as I go fix myself a bite to eat.

Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again.

Bill Morgan, Jr.


  1. Yes, I agree, indulge Miss Minga in her every wish!

  2. That happens to me when I think of loosing my fur babies too. :0(
    Glad you are feeling better. :0)

  3. Miss Minga is a very lucky little cat to have such a loving mommy. I spoil my two girl kitties so much to as they give so much back. Glad you're feeling better, Mary

  4. Aw, sweet Miss Minga! Yes, she deserves to be catered to. :). Hugs to you and her. And also yes.. stay home. You'll be safer, Mary!

  5. Glad you're feeling better. Winter sure is here! Cold today and we have had snow for a while.
    Sending love and light

  6. Looks like blogger ate my comment. Glad you're feeling better. Winter is here in Canada too! Freezing today……..
    Love and Light

  7. Hey.....I'm blogging issues are somewhat under control so feeling better. Isn't it wonderful how we make our animals our family.....they play such an important part in our lives.

    Stay well sweet friend.