Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Ramble

 He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.... In winter the stars seem to have rekindled their fires, the moon achieves a fuller triumph, and the heavens wear a look of a more exalted simplicity. 

John Burroughs, "The Snow-Walkers," 1866

Wasn't really planning to go to the Center yesterday because it was pretty darned icy out there.  Whatever melted had turned to ice, especially those sidewalks that hadn't been shoveled.  It's the law for people to shovel their walks, but the city really doesn't act on it.  I was especially surprised that the sidewalk in front of the Center was slushy and slippery.  After all, it's a senior center, and they didn't even put salt down. 

At the last minute I decided to go because next week is a very short week.  Hard to believe it will be Christmas.  And, this will be our last women's group until after the holidays, and I do enjoy it.  It was especially interesting yesterday.  We started off talking about anxiety and ways to handle it without resorting to medication, then went on to sleep and of my favorite topics.  Before it  was over I found myself educating members on the benefits of paying attention to our dreams  to remember dreams and offering tips on how to remember them.

Why, the group even delved into the paranormal, and it surprised me how many really believed in spirits. One woman from Italy spoke about how she often spends time talking to her ancestors.  Why even the group facilitator spoke of seeing two spirits when she was young.  I shared about my experiences in our old house and how Miss Minga alerts me when something is around.  

The chicken cutlets for lunch were way overcooked, but well seasoned, but I had good company and pleasant conversation which more than made up for it. All in all, I can honestly say, I had a good day and was glad that I pushed myself to go out of the house.  Sometimes our body may say 'no', but our inner voice is saying 'yes'.
Nature looks dead in winter because her life is gathered into her heart. She withers the plant down to the root that she may grow it up again fairer and stronger. She calls her family together within her inmost home to prepare them for being scattered abroad upon the face of the earth. 

Hugh Macmillan, "Rejuvenescence," The Ministry of Nature, 1871


  1. Yes, that conversation about dreams was right up your alley!

  2. Oooo! I love having conversations about dreams. Fascinating! Glad you had a good day Mary!

  3. Good morning Mary......glad you had a good day. I know how educated you are on the subject of spirits and dreams I wish I could have been there to participate.