Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Greetings

We inherit from our ancestors gifts so often taken for granted--our names,
the color of our eyes and the texture of our hair, the unfolding of varied
abilities and interests in different subjects. . . . Each of us contains within
our fragile vessels of skin and bones and cells this inheritance of soul. We
are links between the ages, containing past and present expectations,
sacred memories and future promise. Only when we recognize
that we are heirs can we truly be pioneers.

Edward C. Sellner
(Over the weekend I found the above picture of my great grandmother Constance Mary in her beloved garden. That's my grandfather in the background. Unfortunately, it didn't come out so well.  The picture itself is old and fading, and because I hadn't had it put on the disc, I ended up taking a picture of it with my camera. )

Good Monday morning, everyone.  I know it is a holiday for many of you, so enjoy this extra day off.  I remember how I used to look forward to these days with plans of sleeping late, but, alas, my body was so used to a certain body rhythm that it was hard to do.  Since retirement I have managed to push my rising time up from 5:30 to 6:30, but haven't been able to muster more than that.  Of course, bathroom runs and a hungry kitty have a lot to do with it.  Ironically, although Miss Minga's meows have gotten unbearably loud (old age loss of hearing), she DOES manage to hear me tiptoe into the bathroom, and once she hears that, I am finished. 

I had a nice time on Saturday when both of my sons paid me a visit.  It is so rare I have them there together that I treated it like a holiday by preparing a feast.  We had that chicken dish with pepper jack cheese,  stewed cabbage, baked yams, and vine ripened cherry tomatoes with olive oil and Italian seasonings.  No dessert necessary.    There was no need for it. Everyone went home with a full belly. And, peaking of feasting.... far as Samhain goes, I have planned a 'Dumb Supper' in which I plan to honor my ancestors with a favorite dish from each of their countries.  Thus far, the menu is as follows...

For my French ancestors I plan on serving Chicken Cordon Bleu although it is,  in fact, an American dish rather than a French dish. The French do like it, too.  For my paternal granddad and all of my German ancestors, we'll have a side dish of Rotkohl  (German red cabbage).  Of course, for my Irish paternal grandmother and ancestors Colcannon, one of my favorites, is a must. Also on the menu will be roasted root veggies for my Scottish ancestors, mulled cider for my great great grandmother and my English ancestors, and Dutch baked pears. Of course, the above is all subject to change.

As far as my ancestor altar, I plan to place orange candles to represent 'fire', my Hawaiian volcano rock to represent 'earth', my Holy Water and a seashell to represent 'water', and incense to represent 'air'.  Must remember to pick up some Marigolds.  Wish I had more photos of my ancestors, but will use those that I have along with whatever birth,death, and marriage certificates I have managed to find.

At church on Sunday they mentioned a November 2nd  mass for All Soul's Day.  Unfortunately, it will be in Spanish only, so that is a bit of a disappointment, but it  also affords me the opportunity to celebrate yet another day of honoring the ancestors.  Over this past weekend I purchased and read 'Day of the Dead' by Kitty Williams and Stevie Mack.  The book gave me so many ideas of things I would like to do, but couldn't figure out how to combine the ceremonies, especially the food dishes.  Now I can celebrate both.  Besides, who knows if any Spanish ancestry will show up on my DNA report.  After all, there is a history between the Galatians and the Celts. 

Speaking of Samhain, I was wondering if anyone else was feeling the effects of the thinning of the veil.  In fact, I have been feeling the effects for awhile now.  For the past year or so, what some call the Shadow People have been very active here.  I catch them flitting about out of the corner of my eye more often than ever before...and the visions last for a longer period of time. Has anyone noticed this as well?

Wishing you all a great Monday, and if you are blessed to have the day off, be sure to make it a fun-filled one.


  1. Yes, there's never anything wrong with a cat's hearing when food is involved, LOL!

  2. Mary, oh YES, we have been feeling the effects! The house is very active at night, footsteps from the attic, loud enough to wake both of us up. Last night I woke up and looked at the clock beside the bed. It was 3:33. About 15 minutes later, I took a walk downstairs (I do this to cool off so I can sleep) and when I headed back through the kitchen, the clock on the stove read 3:33. (The stove clock is the correct time.) We have been having a lot of dreams of family members and people who have passed on.

    I think this is one of the most active October I've experienced.

  3. Yep! Our kitties have perfect hearing when they sense it's food time. Lol.

    Your feast sounds marvelous, and i definitely wouldn't have wanted or needed dessert either! :)