Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Few Book Referrals

 "On the darkest days, a dream can be a hearthfire and a homing beacon. Charging us with the power of a deeper drama, inciting us not to let our minds fall - these may be the biggest ways that dreaming helps us through." - Robert Moss.

Aside from the early Edgar Cayce materials I read, my favorite dream author is  Robert Moss.  His books are not those simplistic 'cookie cutter' dream interpretation books. I have plenty of them, and in my opinion, they are fun, but practically useless if one is serious about interpreting their dreams.  A dream of flying have one meaning to someone, and a totally different one to another. It may be telling one person that they are flying, moving too fast, or indicate to another that they are about to go on a trip.  In other words, each person's dreams are individual, geared entirely to them.  The books I am presenting today make you think; they assist you in taking an active part in your dreams. Indeed, each of Robert Moss's books are a powerful tool for transformation. Despite the fact that there is some overlap, one can always find some new and interesting information in each of his books. Here are just a few of my favorites...
Remember. One may choose to read these books in any order, but if asked, I would have to say that 'Conscious Dreaming' should be the first because, in my opinion, it lays the groundwork for all the rest of the books. They tell us the things we need to do to get it done.  A sort of basic math, so to speak.  I absolutely loved this book and often refer back to it.

'Dreamgates: Exploring the World of Soul, Imagination, and Life Beyond Death" introduces us to those exercises and meditations which that are geared to help us  open our own dream gates and traverse the inner landscapes that make our dreaming world--"soul remembering" he calls it.  The book contains many inspiring teaching stories from dreaming traditions around the world.  From 'Dreamgates'....

"Poets and mystics have always known that the world of imagination is a real world - a third kingdom between the physical universe and the higher realms of spirit - and that is is possible to travel there and bring back extraordinary gifts"
'Dreamways of the Iroquois' is one of my favorites.  According to the  Iroquois,  dreams were believed to be important supernatural signs which must be taken seriously. They saw them as  experiences of the soul. This book explores their ancient tradition of dreams and healing.  From the book...

"When we wake up to the fact that our thoughts touch the people we are thinking about, we are again asked to choose which thoughts we send out. If we send out the thoughts of the heart, we can heal, even if the person who needs healing is far away." 

 "In the course of a lifetime, we may develop many animal connections. Some of these may stem from our relations with the animals who share our home and habitats, from family pets to wild animals encountered in nature and in our travels. Animals we have met in the physical world may reappear in our dreams, as allies and helpers."

'The Dreamer's Book of the Dead; A Soul Travelers Guide to Death, Dying, and the Other Side' is yet another one of my favorites. Oh, heck, they all are. This wonderful book covers all aspects of death, the afterlife, and the journey of the soul. It is written from a dream shaman’s perspective. Accordingly, our deceased loved ones come to visit us in our dreams, and this book offers us instructions  on how we, too,  can become 'active dreamers' and communicate with our loved ones. At the present time, I have decided to re-read this one.  I cannot put it any better than the following review...  

"In this captivating and inspiring guide to the land of the dead, Moss shocks and thrills by revealing the hidden truth--that the Otherworld is in fact the familiar landscape of our dreams, where we go every night. For a better death and life -beyond death, do not miss this extraordinary book." 

'Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole'  teaches us how 'to become shamans of our own souls and healers of our own lives'.   
"Whatever comes to us in dreams, even when the dreams are terrifying, we know that this is our personal material and that it is time to deal with it.”

"The important things usually prove to be very simple. They are also open secrets in the sense that no one is hiding the knowledge from us except ourselves."
And finally I recommend....

'the Three "Only" Things" spoken about in the book are dreams, coincidence, and imagination.

"When we are seized by a Big Story, our lives are different. We have the power to cope with everyday dramas with greater courage and grace, because we are aware of a deeper drama. We have access to mythic resources, in the sense Joseph Campbell conveyed when he reminded us that healing is what happens when we 'move beyond suffering into myth.'" 

Of course, this author has so much more to offer as well.  He has authored several other dream books and a series of historical novels.  If you are interested in dreams and shamanism, any of these books are for you.

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