Tuesday, October 22, 2013


“I live my life until I start the cycle of my dreams,then I leave and search for you until I die.When I come back,I live to remember,I live to find you” 

  Molly Bryant, Wandering Souls 

Lately I have been having some pretty realistic and powerful dreams, some I remember, some I don't. Sometimes I don't even want to leave my dream world. Does that ever happen to you? One thing I  remember is that in many of them I am making things, always making things and never seeming to finish on time.  And there is always someone who chides me on this and tells me that I must learn to keep up.  And, although I cannot picture them, I sense they are the same person.These are dreams that I can actually waken from, go to the bathroom, and then fall back into the dream, right where I left off.  I've sensed that these dreams have nothing to do with my present life.  I never fell behind at work in my present life.  In fact, I was obsessed with completing things.  Perhaps in a past life I was a procrastinator who never completed anything, or put my work off on others, and in this life I over-compensated.  I wonder.

This morning just before rising I had another odd dream.  A friend was suffering from a sunburn and asked me what she could do.  I advised her to rub mayonaise on the affected area.  "How do you know so much?" she asked.  "Because my family wrote the book," I responded.  What is odd about this dream is that I knew nothing about the connection between mayonaise and sunburn until I looked it up online this morning.  Hmmm!!!

I recently had another realistic dream which wanted to share and believe I was visited by a past life love.  Within the dream, I found myself waking up in a strange, yet vaguely familiar bedroom, and, as I opened my eyes a handsome  man appeared.  He wasn't someone from my present, but instinctively I know he was very important to me in the past. "Did you sleep well?" he asked.  "Whenever you are ready, my mother would like to see you.  Don't worry.  She is not angry with you."  So, I rose and followed him into another room.  

An older, gray haired woman was seated on a bench.  She was familiar as well, yet looked like no one I know. My gentleman friend stood there as well, looking a wee bit anxious.  I have the feeling that had not been friendly when we parted ways. "How is your back?" she asked when she saw me. "I was hoping you could help me if you feel okay." I agreed, and the next thing I knew my gentleman friend had disappeared and I found myself taking clothes off the line.  Socks, I remember there were lots of socks.  Suddenly, the maintenance worker from my job appeared and told me I had to clear everything off because she had to clean the area.  How she got into my dream I have no idea! 

Later I find myself seated back on the bed. My gentleman friend had reappeared and is telling me that some friends of his have arrived, and they want him to go with them, but he is hesitant to leave me.  "Would you like to go?" he asks. I tell him 'no', that I will stay where I am, but assure him that it is okay with me if he goes.  "Are you sure? Are you sure it is all right if I go?" he asked.  It is then that I notice that great sadness in his eyes, and when he left, I knew I wasn't going to be seeing him again... And then I woke. 

I don't quite know what to make of it exactly. I had such  strong feelings for this man in my dream. I sensed that I knew him, that we had once been together.  I also feel that perhaps his mother had torn the relationship apart, or perhaps that I did something that angered her, but it seems that she has forgiven me.  Who were these people?  Who was he? I'd always believed we had one soul mate in this world, and my husband was it, but I had such strong feelings for this man in my dreams.  I, too, felt that sadness as he walked away.  Did he come to me to say good-bye? Oh, I wish I could remember more...like the clothing we wore.  I can't even remember how we were dressed.  (Sigh)
You are the sum of all your thoughts, feelings and actions from this life and every lifetime in the past.”
Harold Klemp


  1. Wow! You have great dream recall!!

    I have to say, I get a feeling that there may not be any "real life" connection with this person but perhaps more on a spirit level.

    Oh, it is the time when the spirits walk, isn't it? Especially this year for some reason.

    Maybe this man felt so familiar because he is a spirit that has been with you for a while? I don't think that the dearly departed are the only spirits who regard us as familiar and that explains the dreams we have of very familiar people, but when we wake we have no idea who they are. Or maybe they are just the wandering dead, looking for any way to interact with the living, especially at this time of year, when it is easier for them.

    and socks....hmmm, wonder what the significance of that is?

  2. Wow, what interesting dreams Mary. It sounds like all the work you're having to do is soul work and not necessarily work in the waking world. Aine, is right you have great recall. Do you keep a dream journal? it would be really fascinating to document your dreams and see what come sup for you.

  3. There have been many times I didn't want to wake up from a dream I was having because it was so fascinating.