Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday This and That

Had a great weekend, made even greater by having an extra day off.  Did my food shopping and cooking on Saturday.  On Sunday I went searching for some, what I call, 'retirement clothes'; that is, clothes that are not to be worn to work.  In that department, my closet is bare. I found three very plain little sundresses for hot days and a pair of shorts.  The dresses are perfect for lounging around the house or, with a piece of costume jewelry, out to the park. It is an awful picture, but they are actually really very pretty, nice and soft and a wee bit shiny. This is all I plan on buying. Have to hold onto my money, and I have plenty of little tops and skirts that I wore to work that I can now wear to the senior center.

Yesterday I dug out the George Foreman for an indoor cookout.  We had ribs and chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, and a watercress and cucumber salad with a homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette. I am a potato salad lover, but I'm the only one who eats it, so I make it rarely.  For dessert, we had blueberry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a strawberry on top for the red, white, and blue.  Needless to say, I ate too much.  

After getting my clothes ready for the work week, I settled down in my chair and read...and read...and read.  This time I found a great fiction trilogy by Mary Gilgannon.  'The Silver Wheel'. The trilogy includes: 'Lady of the Moon', 'The Raven of Death' and 'The Silver Wheel'. Set in ancient Celtic Britain during the period of the Roman invasion, the book relates the story of a young Drui-in-training whose gifts of vision have been passed down from the 'Old Ones' via her matrilineal line. The adventure begins when our heroine has a vision warning of death and destruction for her people and sets out with two friends, one gifted in traveling to the spirit world, and the other, a young warrior who is in love with her, to save her people from the Roman invaders.

"The book is steeped in Celtic philosophy and mystical belief, and also has supernatural/magical elements. But it is primarily a historical novel, telling the story of the Roman conquest of Britain from the standpoint of the Britons."

As usual, whenever I read a book such as this, I find myself becoming lost in dreams and visions and cannot shake that feeling that "I was there".

On another note, I do believe we have a haunting in the apartment upstairs. The people upstairs moved out awhile ago.  I think they had no choice, if you ask me.  One day when I was in my apartment I heard a commotion in the lobby, and, of course, nosey person that I am, I had to look and see what was going on.  It was two women arguing, one the woman from upstairs, and the other woman was yelling about her son.  The super's wife was there as well, and I heard her tell the woman who lived upstairs that she'd better start controlling her son, that the next time she would call the police.  Shortly after that, they moved out. 

Well, the men have long finished with the painting and whatever else they do to make the apartment ready for the next person, but no one has yet to move in.  One evening I heard someone moving around upstairs, and I asked hubby if someone had moved in.  "Not that I know of", he responded.  The telltale sign that he was right was the lack of the sound of a toilet flushing.  Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but in this building we have these high powered toilets that sound like they are about to take off when one flushes them.  If I am quiet, I can here the toilet on floor three flushing.  When the toilet upstairs from me is flushed, it sounds as if it is coming from my house.  (So much for bathroom privacy). 

So, to make a long story short, there is NO ONE living upstairs, yet on several occasions I have heard someone moving around up there. The latest was Sunday night, or should I say Monday morning around 3 am.  I heard footsteps enter the bedroom, move about, then exit to nowhere...and I mean nowhere.  They virtually disappeared when the exited the bedroom. There has been nothing ever since.  Strange happenings, indeed.

Well, time to get a move on. Talk to you all tomorrow.  Have a great day.


  1. Pretty dresses!

    Oh I love it! A haunting!

    How old is the building, I wonder? But then, it would not have to be very old, to have accumulated "something." As apartments have a tendency to have a lot of occupants, over time.

    Oh keep us posted!

    Plus your book sounds delightful.

    "Auntie is in a teaching mood today." :-)

  2. Those dresses are beautiful! Love the colors! Thank you for introducing me to a new author, I can't wait to check these books out of the library. And a haunted apartment....this week gets better and better!

  3. I am heading to the library this afternoon to find that book! :). And if they don't have it at our library, i'll ask them to get it from another and hold it for me.

    A haunting! Love it. I always wanted to be a ghost hunter. (I'm not kidding.)