Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Morning This and That

Throw away all ambition beyond that of doing the day's work well.
The travelers on the road to success live in the present,
heedless of taking thought for the morrow.
Live neither in the past nor in the future,
but let each day's work absorb your entire energies.

William Osler

Monday morning rolls around,  and they are predicting a rainy week. I do hate setting off to work on those rainy mornings, especially now that they have the AC on.  No fun sitting in wet clothes all day.  Oh, well, what is it that they say? 'April showers, bring May flowers.'  So, they are off by a month.  Speaking of flowers...

This is my building, and these are the two flower beds I was telling you about.  I sure do wish they would finish.  It has become a real eye sore.

I made my weekend trek to the fruit stand and made out like a champ.

I bought some cherries, sweet plums, black seedless grapes, strawberries, apricots, and a few donut peaches.  Not bad price wise either.  Along with some fruit juice, sour cream, and baking potatoes, the whole lot cost me $23. 

Also made a trip to Rite Aid.  My ear has been plugged for a couple of days so I went to buy some ear wax cleaner.  Never had this problem before.  Of course, I couldn't come home without a couple of sweet scented candles. 

I'm going to have a sit-down with my bosses today and inform them that I will be leaving the end of June, early July.  I did want to wait, but I saw a new intake in my box on Friday.  I would have told them then, but didn't want to put a damper on the festivities. At this point I want to be concentrating on my caseload, getting charts in order, discharging who is ready to go, and helping clients deal with feelings of separation that I know are going to come up.  I don't need to deal with anyone 'new' right now. 

The graduation went without a hitch, but it was a long, long day.  12 hours. It was especially meaningful to me because it was my last one.  The client I had mentioned did show up, and I simply said, "And the following client always has a smile and a 'hello'  for everyone.  I've never heard a grumpy word come out of him.  I wish him well as he moves on to the next stage." Then, I called him up to accept his certificate.  Angry as I was about this, it wasn't directed against him.  He is such a sweet man, and I fear that we have done him a disservice. I only want the best for him as I do all of my clients. 

Tonight I see the doctor for medical clearance.  It's getting close now.  I'd have less fear at this point if it were a simple biopsy, but he's already warned me that it is not a simple biopsy.  I prefer honesty to someone just trying to make you feel better, but it doesn't make it any easier.  Hubby is to meet with the pulmonologist today.  Keeping my fingers crossed, but he doesn't seem to be doing well at all.

In closing, here us a photo of my block. Those two wonderful big trees stand right in front of my building.


  1. I can just imagine how beautiful those beds must be when they're filled with flowers, and that fruit really makes my mouth water just looking at them. Next time my wife and I go shopping I think I might buy a candle that's scented like that, for those must really have a nice fragrance. Oh . . . and I love those trees that are outside of your building. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Have a good week is supposed to rain all week here too...but I don't mind. Mother Earth needs her water too. Don't you have a rain coat to wear? That would sure help you to keep from sitting in wet clothing, which understandably has to be uncomfortable.
    I knew you'd figure out something nice to say about your client...that was very diplomatic.
    When you go in for your biopsy just remember to breathe and meditate on something nice like your lovely ocean you like to be near. Think of the waves coming to wash over your feet as you stand at water's edge. You will be just fine Dear Heart! I'll send you healing energies that day.
    Good to hear today is the day you turn in your time...Yaaay! It won't be long and you will be woman who can create her own will love it.
    Namaste' and Much Peace Mary...

  3. The flowers will come and retirement will follow.
    Sending you wishes for good health, happy outcomes, peace, and bliss. xo

  4. An eventful Monday for you and yours! May all go well!