Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Morning This and That

We all have to go through the tumbler a few times
before we can emerge as a crystal.
Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Monday morning after a rather uneventful weekend.  My son didn't visit Sunday because the trains were down.  He's moved up to the Bronx to a beautiful area.  His window opens up to a large lake.  It is so serene up there, and much cheaper than Brooklyn, but there are just too many hills.  I'd virtually be a prisoner.  My co-worker's dad lives in the area, and she said he has to take a cab just to get up the hill.  My son is young and in relatively good shape.  He can do it, but between my back and knees, I'd be forced to become a hermit.

Went to the fruit stand on Saturday, and lo and behold, there were signs all over saying "First of the Season".  I've become so bored with winter fruits, I've almost stopped eating it.  I bought 2 Mangoes, 4 peaches, 4 apricots, strawberries, and grapes.  I didn't overdo because they are still pricey, but I just wanted something for a change.  I also bought fresh brocolli and the greenest watercress I've ever seen, along with a package of walnuts.

The one fruit I haven't gotten sick of is the black grapes.  They are seedless and very sweet.  I could sit and eat the whole bowl in one sitting, but I know what it will do to my tummy.

And finally, I purchased the above candy.  Besides fruits, the store also has candies from around the world, and the above should take care of my sweet tooth when it pops up. The candy comes from Germany, and I understand it was specifically made for children. (Kinder means children in German).  Well, I'm  a child at heart, so what the heck?  The candies are great.  I have had the bueno before.  It is a milk chocolate wafer with a milky hazelnut filling.  The other is a fine milk chocolate with a milky filling.  They are actually hard to find here in the states, but if you are lucky enough to run across them, do try one.

If anyone is interested in some free college courses from universities around the world, check out CourseraI have signed up for a few including "Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights" which begins today.  Nutrition and health have become very important in my life.

Speaking of health, I have an appointment later this afternoon with my doctor.  I need medical clearance for the biopsy.  I do hope that I don't have to go through a series of tests.  It seems that everything involves a test nowadays. I am just so tired of being poked and prodded.  I just want this over with.  I want to know one way or another.  This waiting for answers is really taking a toll on my peace of mind.

Before closing, I'd like to pose a question.  When do you think I should inform my employers that I am retiring?  Some say I should wait, that they might try to push me out if they no I am leaving anyway.  As for my own thoughts, I've always been one of those people who want to do things the right way, even though it has caused me to get dumped on at times. I plan on leaving in July, so at the latest, I would like to let them know in June.  But there is also that part of me who would like to let them know now.  That point of view is taking the client's feelings into consideration.  Separation is so very hard for them, and I've already more than enough to deal with on my caseload.  Why add more clients only to have to say good bye to them in a month?  What are your thoughts on this?

It is not the end of the physical body that should worry us.  Rather, our concern
must be to live while we're alive - to release our inner selves from the spiritual
death that comes with living behind a facade designed to conform to external
definitions of who and what we are. 

Elizabeth Kubler Ross


  1. I worked in HR for years and I learned that no matter how wonderful your employer has been, they look after themselves and the company first. So if you cannot afford to live if they should let you go earlier than you planned, I would keep quiet about my plans. I know how you feel about the clients, but you have to be sure that if things do go the way you expect you can still get by until your retirement money comes in.

  2. Buenos are so yummy they are my favourite!
    Best of luck with your exams! Sending healthy thoughts and wishes.
    About your retirement, i would say it right away. Otherwise it would bug me constantly. I think you will feel better once it is off your chest!

  3. Not reading anyone else's comments, yet.

    My answer---Take care of yourself first!!! Do not tell ANYONE, until you HAVE to do so.

    It doesn't sound-nice but.... In the cut-throat world you work in, why would you endanger your last months there, in any, any, any way?

    That's Hard-Hearted-Hannah-"Auntie" for you. I suppose some others, will be more.... "Oh do the right thing Mary!"

    But it's not them! It's YOU! And the field you are in, can be very unkind to workers, right????????????????????????????????

  4. Thank you Aine!!!!!!!!!

    Keep in mind, what would happen to you, if anything goes wrong with the retirement plans!



  5. Do you have a written employment contract? What does it say about minimum notice for quitting/retiring? Or phone the state employment bureau and find out what the legal minimum notice is. I don't think I'd give more notice than what is legally required.

  6. That's a hard one. I left my intern position in a counseling center which I had worked in for a few years and know that the clients needed some processing time to end the sessions. I agree with most of the above that your timing in June might be the best time to tell work. Of course you're going to have clients that will hurt but that's part of the process too. A month seems a good time to tell everyone.