Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On a Gray Day

Only those in tune with nature seem to pick up on the energy in wind. All sorts of things get swept off in the breeze — ghosts, pieces of soul, voices unsung, thoughts repressed, love uncherished, and a thousands galore of spiritual ether. Wind is an emotional rush because emotions are rushing by.

Terri Guillemets

Good morning. It is a rainy day today; clouds  are hanging heavy in the sky. It is the kind of morning  I'd just love to pull the covers up and stay in bed.  But, unfortunately, I still have to go to work.  I actually do love the rain, but hate sitting in wet clothes all day at work.  I am quite a sight as I dash between raindrops with my umbrella in one hand and my cane in the other.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your advice about my job.  I've decided to hold off telling them for now, although I think they have an inkling of my plans.  My clinical supervisor told me yesterday that she was holding off on intakes for me so I can get caught up.  So, for now, it is my secret.  But, as soon as I see them begin loading me with intakes again, I will break the news.  I just can't add anyone else to my caseload.  Not only will I...and they...have to go through the separation process, but there will also be all that extra paperwork.  That, when I am trying to get things in order so I can make a clean exit when I continue on to a new stage in my journey of life.

Though it is but by footsteps ye do it,
And hardships may hinder and stay;
Walk with faith, and be sure you'll get through it;
For "Where there's a will there's a way."

Eliza Cook

I just don't want to be one of those people who they talk about when I am gone.  Oh, I know they probably will, but I don't want them complaining that I am 'that' person who left all my work behind for the next person I know how it feels.  I have been through it. If my peer had stepped in front of me, I would have wrung his neck.  

One last thing.  No matter what the young 'uns say, senior-hood does have its bonuses, and already they are paying off.  Twenty dollars on my metrocard will take me back and forth for 8  days, not the 4 rides on a regular metrocard.  And, oh what a surprise I had yesterday.  I had no idea that seniors had a larger standard deduction, and was thrilled to find that I actually got $229 more than I had planned on.  

Hoping you all have a wonderful day. If you have rain, stay dry.  Just think, the work week is half over.


  1. It's always a grand day when you get an unexpected little financial windfall!

  2. Smart decision, Mary. You know best how to best balance work and leaving. And how nice about the metro. situation. Yayyyy!

  3. Glad for your decision, about not telling at work.

    As to being talked about, after you leave... Who cares? You won't have to hear it. And talking about someone, who has left, is sort of human nature, isn't it? So, why worry or do stuff, because of this "care"?

    Come on Hon! You are moving toward a new and gentler stage of life. Isn't it time to let go of such worries as....."What will they say about me?" Hu? Hu? Hu?

    I know. A lot of things are ingrained in you and in us. But isn't Senior-Hood time, to kick out the not-good-for-us ingrained things???


    And hugs!!!!

    You can relax and let go of a lot of things. I know you can. Hugsssss....

  4. People will talk, no matter what you do! Give yourself permission to what you want to do when you feel the time is right. Sounds to me like you have a handle on everything.
    It's 1 p.m. in MA. The rain just reached us and I'm giving myself permission to lie on the Queen size bed in this motorhome and listening to the rain hit the roof.