Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Ramble

Prayer is a means of sharing the burden, which relieves pressure, as you tell
your worries and concerns to someone who will listen and won't judge, no
matter what you say. Praying is like handing the problem over to someone else
as you talk it out. Then you can tune in for guidance and a different perspective
that will exude heartfelt energy. When you pray, you are exposing your real
self and extending sincere, loving energy to yourself. It doesn't matter if your
words are fancy or plain, and there is no way to do it right or wrong.
Prayer is about opening your heart and being sincere.

Lucinda Bassett

Yesterday was such a long day for me.  I left the house a little after 7 am and didn't get home until after 6 pm because of my doctor's appointment after work.  I knew there were going to be more tests ordered.  I need to have an EKG and more blood work.  They want my heart checked and my blood to see if I am a bleeder before they give me medical clearance for the biopsy.  I try to think positively, but it seems every time I go for a test, they find something wrong.  That's what happens when you spend years living an unhealthy lifestyle.

My blood pressure was back up to 167 over 108 yesterday, and now I am added a third medication, Norvasc.  Personally, I don't think my blood pressure will be okay until I leave this job.  When I last had it taken I had gone to the doctor from home and it was down.  When I go to work, it is back up again.  I am just so overwhelmed there that I came home last night and cried.  And it angers me that I've been pleading for months to give me a break to allow me catch up, but they just kept piling on clients and then more clients.  And now it is taking its toll on my health.  

Yesterday I applied for my social security benefits online, then spent some time downloading information about other programs available for seniors. Hopefully, I will begin collecting the end of June. I also made copies of everything I need to send with the application for my pension and will mail that out on my way to work today. So, everything is in motion. I 'might' even be eligible for SSI as well. My only concern is health insurance. It seems I qualify for Medicare Part B and from what I read, there is a monthly fee, but there are many other programs to help offset this, so I am looking into them as well. I am especially interested in this Farmer's Market plan I found where seniors are provided with coupons for fruits and vegetables at a participating farmer's market.

Speaking of seniors, I questioned a co-worker yesterday about social security since she handles all her dad's affairs, and he collects benefits.  She actually asked me when I will hit 62, the earliest age I can retire.  Imagine that.  I actually still look younger than my biological age.  It's always been that way for me.  When I was 26, I actually had to show ID to get a drink in a bar...and the drinking age in New York back then was 18.  But, now I look in the mirror, and I just don't see it, but they say we always focus on our flaws. It must be true because she is not the only one who thinks I am younger than I actually am.

And finally, I did an intake on the most interesting client yesterday.  When we got to the part about spirituality and religion, he proudly responded, "I am a Wiccan". Totally threw me off guard how open he was.  We talked for awhile afterwards, and he spoke of his grandmother who taught him all he knows.  Very interesting story about how she used to do very accurate readings with cards for everyone and how people from all over came for her herbal cures.

And with that, I take my leave. Wishing you all a great day.

There is only one you for all time.
Fearlessly be yourself.



  1. Good Morning Mary...
    The good thing about a medication is that it can be gotten rid of once the problem is taken care of and you don't have much longer to go before retirement...I'm sure your blood pressure will go down then?
    As far as retirement goes I am presently looking at WIC for Seniors too...so that I can go to the local Farmer's Market here and get fresh vege's, fruits and herbs. It's a great help. Good for you for looking into it.
    Try to hang in there...I know some days are better than others but if I know you, you will be happy with yourself when it comes to the end and you can say a Job Well Done! :)
    Don't let it stress you so! Just do what you are able to do and let them worry about the rest...
    I'll be thinking of you and hugging you close my Sister/Cousin/Friend!

  2. And your decision, about your question, of yesterday?

  3. Needed (((hugs))) sent to you Mary. Hoping things get easier for you ASAP.

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