Friday, December 28, 2012


How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.

Spanish Proverb

Ah, the weekend has arrived.  This was a short week for me, but, nonetheless, I am sure in need of some much needed rest.  All the preparation for the holiday is behind me, I don't have to cook, and I don't even have to head out to the store.  I've already gotten what I need from the fruit stand, and on off weeks, I usually cook my beans, but with holiday eating, the freezer is still stocked.  This will be the first weekend that I can remember that is totally devoted to rest.

Now, if only I could take advantage and sleep late, but I just can't seem to do that anymore.  My biorhythm just won't let me.  I can sleep no later than 7:30 where I used to be able to lounge about until 10 or later. A night person throughout my life, it was  hard for me to reset my rhythm to work a day job.  I finally did it, but what is happening now is that the old night person is struggling to make a comeback while the day person refuses to let go.  So, I find myself lying awake until the wee hours at night and up at the crack of dawn.  They do say that as we get older we need less sleep, but some days as I struggle to make it through the day, I have to wonder how true that really is.

So, this weekend I am going to take full advantage of my situation.  If need be, I will get up early and take a series of naps during the day, but, by golly, this weekend I am going to rest. 

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.

Sometimes the most
important thing in a whole
day is the rest we take
between two deep breaths,
or the turning inwards in
prayer for five
short minutes.

Etty Hillesum


  1. mmmm....I love naps Mary and take one every day, even if it is only a short 15 minute nap.
    It does a body good to rejuvenate! :)
    Enjoy your restful weekend Dear Sister of my Heart...
    P.S. Love that cardinal photo!

  2. Love that first Spanish proverb!!!

    Love it, that you are going to follow your body nudges, for rest this weekend! Super!!!!!!!!!

  3. I went from being a morning person to - well not being one. I still get up early but it takes me a while to get motivated. That's why I like having a later shift at work. I find that I rarely have uninterrupted sleep since I've gotten older. But since I am not tired during the day I think it's ok. Since you're tired during the day you may not be getting enough sleep. Maybe you'll have to find a way to prepare yourself to sleep at night so you can nod off sooner? Meditation? Nighty-night tea? (this is from Traditional Medicinals and it is way better than Sleepytime) Book reading?

  4. Winter naps are wonderful on cold winter's days when you don't have anything to do! You deserve a sweet nap to dream by. Losing sleep for me, really messes up my day so I try not to plan anything too strenuous for the day but work calls, I know. Definitely nap!

  5. Sounds like " a Plan" to moi!
    Wishing you many Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.

  6. I sympathize with your situation. I am the opposite, I have to work nights but when I am off now I find myself wanting to sleep at night and be up during the day.

    Rest sounds just like what I need. I slept only 3 hours this morning when I got home from work and I was in pain so could not get comfortable.

    Thinking about a hot bath before I return to try again to sleeep.

    Gosh New Years is just around the corner. I am hoping it will a good one. As long as it is better than this past year I will be gratefull.

    hugs and love Sharon