Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012, Doom? Destiny? Or Will It Be Just Like Any Other Day?

"People are waking up to spirit, nature, and acting to preserve local and planetary biology. For support, many look to traditional and shamanic world-views that revere the untamed world and the feminine."

Llyn Roberts

December 21, 2012.  We've been hearing about it for years.  Now, it is almost here, and many believe that this day signals the end of the world, the Apocalypse. What worries me is, that although we hear little information about the doomsayers as we near the date, I am sure that they are out there preparing for the rapture. My only hope that there is not some cult out there in someplace in the world just waiting to follow their narcissistic leader to the Otherworld. They say that the signs are here, and yes, it is true that we have been seeing drastic Earth changes at this time--earthquakes, superstorms, tornadoes-- but, is this 'really' because of the ancient Mayans predicted it would happen or because we continue to drain our Mother Earth of resources with no thoughts of the consequences?  

Others believe that on this date a new age of group consciousness will be ushered in,  a new golden age of self-realization so to speak, but, just how is this so-called 'new age' to arrive? Will I be seated at my computer working on a progress note only to  suddenly be whisked away to some other realm, to some other level of consciousness?  And while I do believe that mankind is waking up to a new spirituality, one that opens up a more balanced sharing of male and female energies, I somehow doubt that all is going to happen in the 'twinkling of an eye'. Indeed, we are, at the present time, seeing the end of the old patriarchal age and the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, but  it is happening NOW.  It is not waiting for December 21st. The world has already begun moving in that direction and will continue to do so, but it will take time.  Change always does.

So, what will 'really' happen on that day? Nothing. It will be a day just like any other day.  We'll get up, we'll go about our daily schedule, and that is that. The world is not going to come to end.  Furthermore, 2012 is the year when the Mayan  calendar rolls over, much like ours did at the millennium. This is just like our calendar rolling over from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000. Remember all the hype about Y2K? Did global catastrophe strike as our calendar rolled over? Was there the worldwide computer crash that had been predicted?  No, nothing happened. So, why should we believe that it will do so when the Mayan calendar rolls over?  Besides, several months ago archaeologists unearthed an ancient Mayan calendar that goes well beyond 2012.  In fact, it is believed to project events some 7,000 years into our future.  So, what does this all mean?

It means that there will be some people who wake up deeply in debt on the 22nd because, believing the end is near, they maxed out their credit cards while others have racked up a small fortune writing about the event. Now don't get me wrong. Not all books on the subject are without merit; in fact, there are actually plenty of good ones out there--'Astrology of 2012 and Beyond', 'Beyond 2012: A Shaman's Call to Personal Change and the Transformation of Global Consciousness', and a book recently recommended by Aine, 'The Gods Have Spoken'.  On the contrary, what I am talking about are those  books that espouse utter nonsense.  For example, the other day I was leafing through a book in which the author claimed that the Ascension is coming on the 21st, and those who are ready for it will remain here on Earth in a new world of peace and love (that, by the way is going to happen overnight), and those who are not, will be whisked away to some other planet. And, she knows this to be true because she saw it happening. Buy her book, and she will teach you how to save yourself. Yeah, right...and I was born yesterday.

But, most likely, we will go about our business as usual. I know for myself, I will get up and go to work like any other day, and when I come home, I will honor the solstice just as I have every other year, and I will continue to pray for love and peace in the world.  And, on the 22nd, if I don't wake up on Mars or some other distant planet,  I will get up and go to the supermarket because that will be a cooking weekend for me. Life will go on.

Thanks for letting me share today.  What are you thoughts on the 21st?



  1. I don't listen to it to much, i think it will be another day like all the others

  2. This might be too early in the morning for my comment but have a sip of coffee and bear with me.

    Since I believe that there are NO coincidences, I also believe that the mayan calendar was meant to be found - the one that ends on the 21st. Yes, it could be an incomplete calendar but perhaps that is the one that needed to be found.

    We all know that our race can't continue like this, so I believe that this "awakening" is meant to be - not the sudden end of the earth, but perhaps more earth unrest in the future. we have caused her much damage, but I have great faith in her ability to recover.

    However, I think that our species is evolving and perhaps (like in clan of the cave bear) there might be a little mix of humans for a while. The evolution I believe is of a spiritual one and humans will have more use of the "unused" parts of the brain, the extrasensory parts. We already see children being born with these abilities (psychic kids.) I think it is going to be a slow evolution rather than a global disaster that ends a whole race of humans and is the starting point for another.

    Because I think it is slowly happening, more of us are able to exercise and make use of these parts of our brain. We may call it spiritual exercises, meditation, trance, etc., but I suspect that those who have been doing this for a while have experienced an increase in their abilities.

    Now that the Mayan calendar has been discovered and the predictions have been communicated to people all over the world, we can, if we want, work harder to unite with each other again. to be more compassionate, loving, understanding - to improve our race as it undergoes this transformation.

    If some of us currently here allow this change we can experience some amazing personal and spiritual transformations during this time. We can help move our race into a better place and create change here on earth. I know this can happen as I am in awe of the change in myself during my "personal development" activities of late. It's true - change your thinking and you change your life.

    Sorry so long - but this is my take on the 2012 transformation. I can't know this of course, so I'm sure all or part of this is channeled.

    I haven't put a thing on my credit card. If it is the end, I have far better things to do with my time.

  3. I think it simply means it is the end of an age and the beginning of a new age of harmony and enlightenment, but there is so much debate about this subject and so very much information.

    I have been reading everything I could find about it for the past several years. All of it is theory and one must take it all in and form their own theory.

    Mary, I actually wrote a poem about this 2 years ago and created a video to go with it as well, can you believe it ? hehehe

    I find the whole thing fascinating.

    hugs and love Sharon

  4. I read that today's Mayans are quite pissed off that their culture is being misrepresented as some kind of a Doomsday promotion.

  5. Other civilizations have risen and fallen.
    If what I see happening....continues....I can see ours going the way of others, but not the 22nd of this December.
    Man is his own worst enemy. sighhhhhhhhhh

  6. Good Morning Mary...
    I think Aine says it quite succinctly, and I share the same views.
    I as well think it is time for the Matrilineal power to fully engage, and the Patriarchy will no longer be able to use corruption and power over those they may 'think' are weaker.
    It's an interesting subject to be sure! :)
    Wishing for you a day filled with goodness and love...

  7. If we (most of us) choose to represent that doomsday in a symbolic way that doesn't harm ourselves or others, than indeed great change can happen. As you said, celebrating the solstice or having some other kind of rite, is on the right track. I also worry about the dooms day people who will try to force change happening based on negativity. But even worrying about that doesn't mean anything or help anything.

  8. Thank you. And I have a link to share tomorrow on my blog... Sent to me by a good friend. :-)

    Now, I just saw news of the subway horror, man being thrown in front of a coming train and killed. And the one who did it, *may be mentally disturbed.*<---Yeah, talk about an under-statement.

    How much is all that *gobbly-gook* going to help the victim's family? The *gobbly-gook* about how the one who pushed him, can't really be punished... The *gobbly-gook* we will hear, about this trial, etc.

  9. Mary, I agree with you, a day like any other day. And I read what Debra read too, about the Mayans angry about the "doomsday prophecy". We each must find our own spiritual awakening; and hopefully more and more people will accept enlightenment.