Friday, December 7, 2012


Always remember to slow down in life; live, breathe,
and learn; take a look around you whenever you have
time and never forget everything and every person
that has the least place within your heart.


Well, this doesn't look like it will be a restful weekend for me.  In fact, this weekend which can be described in three words--busy, busy, busy. This is a cooking weekend, and the freezer is bare.  Well, perhaps it won't be as bad as I am projecting it to be.  Don't know if I mentioned it, but hubby surprised me last week with a George Foreman grill.  That is something I've been wanting for a long time.  I could have had one a long time ago, but in my old place, there was no room in the kitchen.  Then, after we moved here, there was so much else to do and buy that it just slipped my it was quite a pleasant surprise.

This past Sunday I grilled some sausages for my hubby and son and a plain hamburger for me.  Of course, with sausage being my absolute favorite, I did have to try it on the grill.  (I've been very good about it for a long time now.) So, I cut off a small chunk on one end, and guess what? It was too salty for me.  Our tastebuds certainly do change when we make corrections in our diet. 

So, as I was saying, I will most likely make another huge pot of chicken soup and another pot of chili for me.  I make a mean low sodium chili, let me tell you.  I'll cook a few dinners for hubby for the nights that I work, but I plan on using my grill for the other meals.  It's going to be so much fun. 

Sunday will be a day of rest, going through old recipes for Christmas cookies, reading, taking care of self needs such as nails and washing hair. You know, the usual.  After Sandy, I've fallen behind in my lessons so I plan to play a bit of catch up with that as well.  Somehow, with all that I have on my plate, it doesn't seem like a day of rest.  Hmmm!!!!

So, what are your plans for the weekend?  Anything special?  I know next weekend I have to get out and do a little Christmas shopping for my boys.  Haven't done anything yet.  You'd never believe that there was once a time that before we hit November everything would be bought and wrapped, would you?  Age certainly has slowed me down.

Meanwhile, I found the following I wanted to share with you.  It says much about how we live our lives. Have a wonderful weekend.

Rushing around from one activity to another, focusing on getting things done,
we tend to place all our priorities on accomplishing tasks on our lists – doing
routine housework; preparing meals and eating; commuting to work; getting
things done at work; putting in time at the gym; driving our kids to soccer
games, swimming lessons, and birthday parties; staying in touch with friends;
taking the dog to the groomer; and so on. Are you tired yet? In the midst of
it all, we become slaves to our to-do lists and become doers instead of be-ers.
We give ourselves little or no time feel, to more fully experience much of our
lives. We forget that our capacity to feel is the very essence of our vitality.
Without feeling, we become zombies or robots, and after a while we are left
with a vague sense that our lives are unfulfilled, empty,
lacking purpose, and devoid of anything resembling vitality.

Anat Banie


  1. Love that quote (and the princess and the pea story as well!!)

    Oh, days off can be so busy, can't they? For me, two days off is only enough to "get things done." If I have an extra day off then I can actually take a day off.

    Life seemed simpler before - but I doubt it was.

  2. Going with the girls today to get our hair done for Christmas, colour, hightlights and a small trim.

    I want to keep the length as long as I can manage it. It has taken me a couple of years to get it this long (to my waist) so I am not ready to let a hairdresser cut it off.

    Hairdressers love to cut, it is their favourite thing to do. That is why I usually cut it myself Mary.

    Wish me luck, cause it you see me crying the blues after today you will know they went too far with the scissors.

    love and hugs sweet sister

  3. Well, in spite of your list of 'to do' things, I hope you can find joy and peace in all of it. :) Rest when you are able Dear Heart!

    Love and Many Yule Blessings,