Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Childhood Joys

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love

of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having,
in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world,
had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon
and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.

Barbara Jordan

Each year as Christmas approaches, I find myself drifting back to a different time and place, to that carefree time when life was filled with fun and games and a sense of wonder--childhood. Christmas was also such a magical time when wishes came true and all was well with the world. Do you ever wish you could be a child again? That you could do it over again? Even just for one more day? Christmas day?  Well, why don't you?  It is never too late.

The problem is that when we grow up we get so caught up in all that is expected of us as adults that we forget that joy we once felt and feel that we will never find it in our hearts again. Yet, while we may no longer be able to run as fast as we once did or do handstands, or, as in my case, ride a bike, there are still plenty of ways to recapture that joy of life we once knew and what better time than Christmas which always makes me feel like a child again.  There are...

....Christmas cartoons to be watched, 
....stockings to be filled, 
....presents to be unwrapped,
....a bowl of ribbon candy at the door, chocolate to be sipped, 
....gingerbread men just waiting to be eaten,
....carols to be sung, 
....popcorn to be strung,
....paper chains just waiting to be made,
....and who says you you are too old stare out of your bedroom window on a Santa watch.You never know, if you just let yourself go and let that childhood magic take over, even if just for a night, you just might be lucky enough to catch a sight of him. 

 When my mother is n't here,

    And I just won't go to bed,
    And it's cold outside and near
    Christmas; and the kitchen-shed
    'S covered thick with frost and snow;
    Then my nurse she says, "Oh! oh!
    Better get to bed! My Laws!
    Think I hear Old Santa Claus!"

    Then I hurry; never kick,
    Squirm or cry or anything:
    But jump into bed right quick:
    'Fraid to look around; and cling
    Fast to nurse; and close my eyes
    Tight: she looking just as wise!
    Scared, too, don't you know? because
    She fast heard Old Santa Claus.

    Why in goodness I'm afraid
    I don't know. For Santa's good,
    So they say, and brings much aid
    To all folks. It's understood
    Specially to girls and boys,
    Christmas-trees and cakes and toys;
    But there must be some good cause
    Makes one 'fraid of Santa Claus.

    It's his whiskers, I suppose;
    Gray and big about his chin,
    Where you just can see his nose
    And his eyes, each like a pin:
    And his clothes all made of hair
    Twinkling thick with frost. Declare
    If I saw him I'd have cause
    To be scared of Santa Claus.

    One night, week from Christmas, I
    Looked out through the window-pane;
    And right in our back-yard, why,
    Some one walked in wind and rain,
    Swishing, splashing with a whip.
    Did n't I just hop and skip
    Into bed? because, because
    Guess it was Old Santa Claus.

    And I am all shivery
    When I wake up winter nights,
    And it's dark and I can't see,
    And the black wind fights and fights
    Round the chimney; then right quick
    Under cover my head I stick,
    Crying, "Mother! wake up! 'cause
    Think I hear Old Santa Claus!"

Madison Julius Cawain



  1. I watched the original cartoon Grinch the other night.

  2. Beautiful! I always find myself going back in time, to a less stressful, more joy filled time of year. I still watch the cartoons, that tradition will never stop. May you and yours find the beauty of the season.