Thursday, December 13, 2012

Legend of the Poinsettia and Other Stuff

It once was the custom in Mexico for the villagers to leave a gift for the Baby Jesus in their church on Christmas Eve. In one small village,a little boy who had no gift to bring prayed to God for a way to show his love for the Infant King. God,in His mercy,looked down on the boy and answered his earnest prayer. By causing a flower to bloom where he knelt a flower so brilliant and fair. The miraculous flower was formed like a star with leaves that were red and so bright. And the boy's precious gift has come to be known as the "Flower of the Holy Night". 

The Empire State Building all dressed up in honor of the Robin Hood Foundation. The very top actually rotates between white and red.  I took several shots trying to get the full effect, but this was the best I could get.  It was getting late, and I wanted to get home to see the concert, which, by the way, had the effect of making me realize just how much time has passed since I followed these bands. Sorry, but I laughed aloud when  Roger Daltrey of the 'Who' ripped open his shirt and went bare-chested. Great as it was to see you again, I'm sorry, but those days when your bare chest made women swoon are long gone. I do have to say that Mick Jagger was amazing. That man still has his moves.

I'm off on a vacation day today.  I am scheduled to have a sonogram on my thyroid.  I figure while I am off I might as well get my blood work done as well. Won't get the results until after the holiday.  My choice. Last night I was thinking about it.  I've not taken a 'real' vacation since April.  Every time I take a vacation day it's for a doctor's appointment or some sort of medical test. And January, I'm scheduled for my doctor, the endocrinologist, and the pulmonologist.  Will probably have another cat scan as well, and I really have to say, that's scaring me.  I've lived in denial since they initially told me about the lesion. After the holidays it is time to come back to reality.

Do you have a real Christmas tree, or are you like me. Do you take the old fake tree out year after year and, as fancy as it may be decorated, do you  yearn for the Christmas smell of a real pine?  I'd love a real tree, but here in the city, they are really far beyond my budget.  I think we probably have to pay for the transporting of the tree to the city as well as the tree itself.  But, oh how I miss that wonderful smell of a real tree. So, every year I buy candles, pine sprays, yet, as nice as it may smell, it doesn't smell 'real'

Well, I just so happened to stop at Duane Reade the other day to purchase some toothpaste, and while at the register, I happened upon the above, "Scentsicles".  I picked it up, looked at it, then put it back when I saw it was $8 for only 6 ornaments. But, just as the clerk was ringing up my bill, my eyes were drawn back to it, and it was, "Oh, what the heck."  I picked it up and bought it.  And I really have to say it was well worth the money.  The scent is so real it will take you right back to your childhood. I hung only two on my tree, and when I got up Wednesday morning, my entire living room smelled like I had, indeed, purchased a real tree.  And, each stick lasts 30 days so it is well worth the money.

Well, it's getting about that time. I found out last night those days of hanging out to the wee hours of the morn don't agree with me anymore.  That concert didn't end until almost 1:30, far past my bedtime.  Overslept so now it is time to shower and dress.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.


  1. I didn't know that charming legend about the poinsettia -- thanks! Have a good day today, Mary!

  2. I bought those scentsicles for me tree too and it's made a difference. I was always kind of sad putting up my artificial tree because of the lack of smell, but these are wonderful. Take deep breaths when you're home from the Doctors and as you said you have until the end of the holidays before you get nervous about anything. Enjoy your day off as much as you can.

  3. Thank you again, for the pics.

    Any/all scents seem to make our allergies act up. -sigh- Yes, I do remember the scent of a real tree. But I don't actually MISS it.

    From 'The Land That Snow Forgot'