Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Moon Eclipse in Gemini on June 1

The new moon, of no importance
lingers behind as the yellow sun glares
and is gone beyond the sea's edge;
earth smokes blue;
the new moon, in cool height above the blushes,
brings a fresh fragrance of heaven to our senses.

--By D.H. Lawrence --

An Eclipse signifies an intense time of energy that has the power to spark the beginning or end of relationships and situations; its  effect can be felt before and for months after the eclipse. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is New and a Lunar Eclipse occurs on the Full Moon.   This New Moon  in Gemini brings with it the first of three eclipses that occur one right after another in June and July.  This will be a partial solar eclipse of the sun, one
in which the Moon blocks the part of a Sun’s face. Eclipses tend to bring abrupt change, usually too fast for comfort.

Most ancient cultures felt awe each time the sun rose and feared any unusual appearance or event they witnessed in their sky.  The heavens
were supposed to act in an orderly fashion; hence, anything out of the ordinary, such as a solar or lunar eclipse, instilled terror in our ancient ancestors.  To the ancient peoples, an eclipse was a bad omen who believed that this was a sign of displeasure of the gods.  In many ancient cultures, a solar eclipse was seen as a battle between the Sun and spirits of darkness.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, a time to start new projects and endeavors. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini; hence, the focus here will be on learning and education, and around communication and relationship. The Sun in Gemini accents fresh directions, and the New Moon marks the time to take chances. This is a great time to pursue academic interests and to take care of communications both verbal and written. This will also be an excellent time to look for a new job or enroll in a new course. 

During this Lunar phase, it is a perfect time to plant mental seeds for what you want to create in the future. 
Think about all of the new ideas you would like to put into action and look for ways to bring these ideas to fruition.  Focus on what you would like to manifest during the next month. Make a list today, but be sure to keep in mind that Gemini deals with friends, networking, communication.  The following are some of the things you might want to do during this Gemini New Moon:

Look for a new job
Do some writing
Work on adaptability
Visit the library
Research new ideas
Work on short term projects
Take a class for fun
Write or call old friends
Dig out your favorite book and re-read it.


    1. how interesting... I was moved to contact an old friend, a day or so ago... Interesting.

      It was one of those should-I-or-shouldn't-I things. So this, should make me feel good... Like it was a wise thing to do. :-)

      Btw, are you as worried about our friend, as I am? The one who has been on WW, and who very recently flew back up north, from FL? -sigh- She never goes this long, without an update on her blog. -sigh-

      And "me being me", I conjure up all sorts of possible trouble scenarios. -sigh-


    2. what a great post. Thanks for the information. Hugs Sara

    3. All of the ideas sound like something to do to me. I'm needing to broaden my perspective and my horizons. Blessing's to you my friend.