Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Moon in Taurus on May 3rd

When the Pleiades, Atlas’ daughters start to rise
Begin your harvest; plough when they go down
For forty days and nights they hide themselves,
And as the year rolls around, appear again
When you begin to sharpen sickle-blades;
This law holds on the plains and by the sea,
And in the mountain valleys, fertile lands
Far from the swelling sea.”

 – Hesiod (8 BC) -

Since both the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign, the New Moon usually represents an unadulterated case of the sign's qualities.   This month's New Moon is in Taurus, a fixed, Earth sign; its characteristics are organization, practicality,  security, and groundedness.  Therefore, this New Moon highlights the above Taurus qualities along with 2nd house themes such as material security, values, self-worth.  On the  spiritual or higher plane, the New Moon in Taurus seeks inner peace through stability and contentment. 
Taurus represents our comfort levels and the type of objects we gather around ourselves. Taurus is ruled by airy Venus who expresses love, comfort, beauty,  and pleasure.    This New Moon yields a great opportunity to look within and see what it is that brings you comfort and a greater sense of security.  During this period of Spring,  rebirth and growth, this Taurean energy will ask you to become more grounded and in tune with the earth.

In the northern Hemisphere, it's Spring,  and we are celebrating new life, new beginnings, and the transcendence of the human spirit. This  New Moon is a time to get practical and deal with things of the earth.   The farmers call this the Planter's Moon and regard this as the most fruitful time to sow their crops.  Start something new today that has to do with sensual pleasures, plant flowers, put in some herbs, take a bubble bath.  When the New Moon is in Taurus, it is a good time to begin  those longer term projects that might take awhile to come to fruition. 

In the Southern Hemisphere, it is Autumn,  a time to count our blessings and reap the harvest of the solar year.  The fields are bare, the leaves, now in various hues of orange, red, and yellow, are falling from the trees, and the skies are going gray and cold. It is the time of year when the earth has died and gone dormant, yet you can still get in touch with nature by enjoying activities such as taking a long stroll in the  crisp fresh air.  Savor good food and the bounty of the harvest.  As the light now begins to give way to the darkness, it is time to take stock and give thanks for all of your blessings. 

“Taurus is a female sign and represents the spirit of creation and nature itself. Now, the seeds planted during the time of Aries can flourish into strong thoughts, ideas and actions."-- Leslie Hale


  1. Doesn't anyone Salute The New Moon? As I read of, in the "Lucia" books?

    Be safe!!!

    Gentle hugs...

    Come on...!

  2. Hi Mary -- Thanks so much for your lovely Spring/Easter card which I received yesterday! I especially love all the bees on the card and envelope -- you know why!