Monday, May 16, 2011

The Blogger Meltdown: A Rant, but not About Blogger

Morning, all..or should I say good afternoon  Spent my entire morning in bed, and not just reading; I was fast asleep.  Didn't have a restful night so I am so glad that this is my first day of vacation and that I could climb back into bed.   Of course my mind was racing about all the things that must be done, but hey, they can be done anytime  It's not like I can actually do much with the spring clothes I was planning to dig out.  It's going to rain all week.  No, days like this are for resting.

I'd planned to do my Scorpio Full Moon post today, but that is one that I lost in the great Blogger Meltdown of 2011.  So, after patiently waiting for its return, I've come to the realization that it's out there some place, lost, with no hopes of returning, so I have begun the tedious process of rewriting.

Before I begin my little rant, I'd like to qualify something.  I love Blogger and am grateful for the day I discovered that there was another world out here besides Yahoo groups.  I've had so much fun since I arrived here and have met so many wonderful new friends.  I also understand that sometimes things do happen that are beyond our control so this complaint has nothing to do with the Blogger meltdown.  No, indeed, Blogger did its best and I commend their workers for their round the clock vigilance.  This has to do with being in limbo, something I've never been very good at.  

I happen to be what one would call a  spur of the moment type of writer.  An idea will come to mind, and I have to have it written down before I forget.  Sometimes on the ride to work, ideas and even complete sentences for future posts will come into my head, and if I don't have a pen to write them down, I will repeat them often in my head to make sure I remember what it is I wanted to say, and as soon as I get to work, I will write them down on Blogger and save for future use in draft form.  Sometimes once I start typing out these ideas, they take on a life of their own, and yes, there are other times I arrive at work, sit down to type, and find that I have totally forgotten what I had to say.   

Needless to say, at any given moment I have any number of drafts saved on my blogs.  And, this past Thursday, I had been feeling particularly creative, worked on several different drafts,  and had any number of posts ready for this week.  Then, the great Blogger meltdown hit, and all drafts done on the 11th and 12th vanished.  Posts from the 12th were returned, yes, but returned in pre-post draft form.  

Frustrating, indeed, but what I found even more frustrating was the lack of lack of information given to us bloggers.  I did follow all their updates, but never did I see one that mentioned the missing drafts, and I was far from alone in wanting to know.  I and many fellow bloggers were asking the same question  on the Help Forum:

ME: Will my drafts be returned or should I begin rewriting them?

The only responses any of us received were not from Blogger itself, but people like you and me who, because they have responded to more questions on the help board, are listed at a higher level. For instance, with my first responses, I started at Level one and am now halfway up the meter to Level two, but I don't know any more about blogging than I did before.  My level may be rising, but I have not learned a thing.  So, the following response to the above question came not from a Blogger employee, but from someone, a Level 9, who has been around the help forum a lot longer than I have: 

THEM: Blogger has informed that posts will be restored.   

ME:  I know you are saying that posts will be restored.  I read that myself, but  I am not asking about posts.  I am concerned about the DRAFTS I have lost.

THEM:  Blogger has informed that posts will be restored.

Do you know how utterly frustrating that is?   Now, please do not get me wrong. Not all of Higher Levels are what I consider as rude; some were really trying their darnedest to help.  Unfortunately, none of the helpful ones  found me.  Maybe I am wrong, but I did feel very insulted I don't need someone telling me something I have already read.  I don't need a form notice from you. I very well can read for myself and was aware that posts will be restored (which, by the way, were restored, yes, but to their pre-posting, draft state.)  My point to this is, you so-called experts were once a nerd like me, so please, show a little patience and a little kindness.  Acknowledge our frustration and, at least try to answer our questions, and if you can't, then please leave it to the employees of Blogger. 

So, as I try to sort out what it is that I lost, I would like to pose a question.  Perhaps I am wrong.  Perhaps a draft and a post are the same thing, and if so, then I do apologize for asking the question so many times this past weekend, but all I wanted was an answer.  What is your opinion about post and draft?  To me, posts are completed works that have already been put out there for the world to see, while drafts are works in progress...two different things altogether.  I'd love to know your opinions on this. 

(This is not a complaint about Blogger.  It is basically about the rudeness of some people.)


  1. Good afternoon Mary.....First of all I want to wish you a very HAPPY vacation!! You have certainly earned it. response to this post.....I can tell how frustrated you are with the loss of your drafts. I don't believe drafts are the same thing as posts...and yes...sometimes things just disappear out there on the net. As far as the recent Blogger fiasco...they did post about blogger being down for an extended period of time....since we don't pay for any of this wonderful service....I was just patient....and waited for my ability to blog to reappear....and it did.

    Sorry you lost your posts/drafts.....but I know you will be able to recreate them in an even better format. I'll bet you have a happy vacation of blogging.....and writing even more interesting stuff for us to contemplate.

    Hugs sweet lady,


  2. I agree with your definition of post vs. draft. I think you were just dealing with a rude person.

  3. i think there is a differences too..sorry you had to deal with rude people

  4. Happy vacation to you m/f.
    I see you have spruced your blog up.
    Very pretty. :0)
    I have had one draft sitting there for months now as I have found no time to be a good time to post it.........and it's still there.
    This could be a :0) or :0(
    Maybe I should think of this as an omen.
    Sorry to hear you and others have lost their hard work. (((hugs)))

  5. A draft is definitely not a post. Different items. Sorry you got no help there. Hopefully your drafts will show up again!

    Do have a great vacation - enjoy your time!

  6. Of course "posts are completed works that have already been put out there for the world to see, while drafts are works in progress...two different things altogether." Of course!!!

    I-don't-much-bother with the Help Boards. Saves my sanity.

    I do have the one nice young blogger who tried his darndest to help me before. Met him, on the Help Board but then we talked, ourselves. Those Help Boards are too confusing to 'Olden' me. -grin- I could give you his email and blog, if you'd like.