Friday, May 6, 2011

As We Head Into Yet Another Weekend

As we head on into this Mother's Day weekend, many of us will be spending some of our time outdoors.  I know I have been wishing these winds would die down so I can plant my little herb garden, but I'm not ready to take a chance on having it all blow over.  At any rate, I've already planned a nice long walk for tomorrow morning.  These past few weeks of watching the eagles and the wee hummingbirds has taught me so much about the miracle of life and the lessons nature has to teach us.  Just watching Mama Eagle these past few weeks and her dealings with her now adolescent-age brood has taught me the true meaning of what it is to show patience.  And, Mama Phoebe, the little hummingbird who has taught me that a mother's love knows no boundaries.  Nature has so much to teach us if we would only take heed of what She has to say.

It is said that the first celebration of Mother’s Day, was when the ancients honored the mother earth goddesses to insure the fertility of their crops in the coming year.  If you have no special plans, how about taking a walk in the park to smell the sweet fragrances of spring, hear the birds chirping, watch the swaying branches of the budding trees, feel the wind against your face, and savor the scents of the Spring flowers.  There is something so beautiful and powerful about nature.   She has so much wisdom to impart upon us; each creature, each object has something to share.  

Nature, our Great Mother Earth, is truly the Mother of all Mothers.   Have a wonderful weekend.

Earth Teach Me to Remember
Earth teach me stillness 
as the grasses are stilled with light.

Earth teach me suffering 
as old stones suffer with memory. 

Earth teach me humility 
as blossoms are humble with beginning. 

Earth Teach me caring 
as the mother who secures her young. 

Earth teach me courage 
as the tree which stands alone. 

Earth teach me limitation 
as the ant which crawls on the ground. 

Earth teach me freedom 
as the eagle which soars in the sky. 

Earth teach me resignation 
as the leaves which die in the fall. 

Earth teach me regeneration 
as the seed which rises in the spring. 

Earth teach me to forget myself 
as melted snow forgets its life. 

Earth teach me to remember kindness 
as dry fields weep in the rain. 

Ute, North American


  1. I hope you see lots of marvels and wonders on your walk tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  2. No special plans here. We don't *do* much with these *Days* in this family. :-)

    Your plan sounds lovely!

    Oh yes, Nature has so much to give us and to teach us. If only we would be more in tune. If only we would try to listen more. How can one go wrong, listening to Nature's rhythms?

    Gentle hugs,

  3. A beautiful quote and a lovely post. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! And I hope the winds behave so you can get your pots planted.


  4. A cookout was planned. It's going to be a noisy time, but when there are little kids...there is NOISE. ;0)
    Not that I have never had a noisy house. LOL

  5. Wishing you a Most Beautiful Happy Mother's Day my Sacred Sister/ family will be here with me. The kids are grilling and I'm looking forward to eating and visiting with my children and grands...and then a nap, lol! I'll write to you soon Dear Heart...I've another test on the 18th...a CAT scan and then I will know more. Your thoughts and prayers are beneficial and touch my heart Mary...Thank You Beloved!
    Enjoy your Mother Nature Walk and I will be with you in spirit!

  6. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I love watching Nature and you're right - she has so much to teach us.
    Lucky you to have watched an eagle nesting and hummers too. It's still a little early for hummers here, but soon.