Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday This and That

It's been awhile since I just shot the breeze about nothing in particular.  Well, this is one of those days.  Things have been rather quiet here.  My co-worker is ACTUALLY working now.  Something woke the boss's up because they are really on top of things right now....maybe the fear of losing all their other workers, or perhaps the fear of an audit.  At any rate, it will be awhile til she has caught up so until then, the rest of us will have to bear the brunt of the new intakes, but at least hope is finally on the horizon...

...Speaking about hope, I've been feeling kind of out of sorts lately...physically as well as emotionally.  I've another co-worker who just got her masters, and she has been looking for work.  She is the Senior Counselor here, and I just know that when she finds a job, that position will be mine.  My boss has all but told me so.  What a great honor and quite an achievement!!!!  Although not a management position, it will be as close as I can get at this point as well as a promotion with better salary.  Here's the problem.  As all of you who have followed me for awhile already know, I suffer from fibromyalgia, and the pain is getting more severe.  Some days it is such a struggle making it up the subway stairs. Since I am 63 now, I have to figure that there is some arthritis involved there as well.   The truth is, I don't know how much longer I can continue to work.  Not only will I lose out on the position if she doesn't find something soon, but I also have to wonder how we will pay the rent and the bills....but, you know, I've never been one to give up, and I don't plan to now.  Sometimes I may feel a bit sorry for myself, but I get over it quickly.  I've never been one to give up, and I refuse to let this get me down.  Only by living life fully, am I living life.  And, I do feel better already.  Just talking about things has always been healing for me.

It does not matter how slowly you go,
so long as you do not stop.
On Thursday I had a precognitive dream.   Nothing earth shattering and the kind of psychic dream that makes you shake your head and say, You just have to be kidding.  I dreamed about my job's Halloween party.  Nothing unusual about that; it was on my mind when I went to bed.   My dream party was fantastic and there were so many clients present that I didn't know.  (Perhaps they were past life friends).  Well, at some point during the party I was serving lunch...spaghetti and meat sauce.   The spaghetti was in this huge pot and was all sticky and clumped together, but with the sauce it looked heavenly...and I remember wondering if there would be enough left over for me.  Now, mind you, Friday is NOT my day to serve lunch.  Actually I don't serve lunch at all.  I do breakfast on Monday and Tuesday....so when I got to work, it came as a surprise to find out that the person who serves lunch was out, and I was the only one available to serve...and guess what lunch was?  Sticky spaghetti and meat sauce.  (sigh)  Of all the precognitive dreams to have, I had to have one about food. 

My Samhain was very quiet.  The doorbell didn't ring even once, and even though I didn't expect it to, I have to say I was kind of disappointed.  I have NEVER had an place conducive to Halloween.   The entrance to my last apartment was down the steps and in the backyard.  I loved the sense of isolation there...only me, hubby and my magical garden.  Now, I am in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, and they don't believe in Halloween.  They have a Halloween type activity during the summer when the children dress up and go house to house.  I forgot what it is called.  So, I did the banishing ritual I posted the other day, did a little work with my Runes, ate some of the chocolate I had bought...just in case...and spent the evening honoring my ancestors.  All and all, it was a great day.

And now I'd  like to offer you all the following blessing.  It is so moving and touching.  I hope you all enjoy....
 May the sun
bring you new energy by day.
May the moon
softly restore you by night. 
May the rain
wash away your worries.
May the breeze
blow new strength into your being.
May you walk gently through the world 
and knows it beauty all the days of your life.
--Apache Blessing--


  1. I was just wondering the other day whether your co-worker is talking to you again . . . . glad to hear she's getting back on track!

  2. I like it when you occasionally ramble on about your life.... I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well but hope that you will be better soon... Sticky spaghetti... yum... sounds sort of good today...

  3. So glad to hear that your co-worker is actually working, doing her job. Sad to think that something had to scare your boss into doing her job. Thrilled for you on a future promotion! Hoping that it happens very soon for you!


  4. Dearest Mary...I am going to light a candle for you today Sister...I have extreme Fibro too and it has gotten worse lately but I have attributed it to the change in seasons and the ascension processes going on in the Blessed Universe...we are continually bombarded with negativity all around us and some days it is just hard to keep all of it away from us.
    Congrats are in order though! I'm so happy for you I pray that it happens soon for you so you can enjoy the benefits. I agree it is an honor and one you well should be proud of. I know you take your work as seriously as you do your many wonderful blogs and will be wonderful at a new position!
    The only children who came to my door were my grandchildren...I live back away from the street and nobody comes back here. I too love to see the wee ones all dressed up and having fun. Perhaps next year I should dress up a scarecrow or something and hang a sign on its neck to let them know there is candy out yonder! He He He
    I've long loved the Apache Blessing you posted...and send it back to you my beloved friend! I just got your card and thank you so much! :) It brightened up my day to be sure!
    Have a wonderful day and know that I am sending healing and blessings your way!
    All my love,

  5. -sigh- One of those 'in with one hand' and 'out with the other' kind of things. The possible position, and all. All I can do is wish you well............. That the position will be yours and that you do not get any worse.

    Gentle hugs...

  6. Mary, I have been feeling out of sorts too.. yesterday I even felt like I was having either a stroke or similar. very weird.. hope you can find some relief with the fibro. xoxo

  7. Last night must have been a food night.
    I dreamt I ordered some kind of sea urchin in a crowded place and it was still alive when I put my fork through it and tried to cut it. eeeeeeeeeeeeek!
    I can still picture it. U G L Y
    Was running all through the crowd with this thing trying to find someone to cook it for me.
    Glad you let us inside your thoughts. but sorry to hear you are achy.
    Dang Rusty Years!

  8. What a lovely blessing! Thank you, I hadn't heard that one before.
    I'm so sorry you are dealing with fibro. I had that for a few years and then it just stopped! I think it had something to do with my anxiety level.

    Strange dream! What does spaghetti mean to you? Yummy and good. Gross and sticky? Hmmmmm. Interesting.

    Good luck with the job. I hope it works in your favour. But if not, something better will come your way.