Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Posts of Truth...Day 2

Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study.  Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life. --Henry L. Doherty

The second topic on the list is Something you love about yourself.  There was a time, about 20 years ago when a counselor asked me....Name 10 things you don't like about yourself....and the list just rattled off my tongue.  Then, he asked...Name me 10 things you love about yourself....All I could do was sit there looking at him; I couldn't think of anything. ....five things?...he then asked...and I, still shaking my head....one thing?....There was nothing  I liked about myself.  I learned something that day that I continue to use with my clients. (Who would have known back then that I would have clients?)  So, when my clients come in, and we are working on the intake package, I ask these questions and see the me that I used to be in their expressions.  Hopefully, like me, by the time they complete the program they will be able to hold their heads up and say There are a lot of things I love about myself.

So, what is something I love about myself?   Well, since I have to choose one thing, I would have to say  I LOVE to learn.  It keeps me young and active.  Present me with something I don't know, and in a flash,  I am looking for the answers.   I think that is why I love blogging so much.  It keeps my mind active because I am always researching, always learning.  Writing on my different blogs not only enables me to keep fresh those things I have already learned, but also puts me in a position to keep on learning.  Sometimes when I am researching something I plan to write about or I happen to read something I've never heard before on one of your blogs, I'm eager to find out more.   

To me, learning is a life long process. .We seek daily to learn as we live our lives.  As infants, we’re presented with a strange new world to discover. And with nothing else to do, we dive in headfirst, devoting all our time to learning how to use our five senses. At first we appear completely hopeless, not even realizing that our arms and legs are parts of our body.  We  eat when our parents feed us, we are dressed when they are ready to dress us, bathed when they are ready. In this stage in life we have learned little but to sleep, eat when fed, and go to the bathroom; the basics of life. Life continues and we begin to grow, become stronger, become curious and begin to try new things, and from that day on, we are off to the races....the world seems filled with curious wonders, delightful discoveries, and daunting challenges. Our brains are taking in countless bits of information and we are developing lifetime skills...
...until we grow older  and, sadly,  that's when many feel there is nothing left for them.  What's that old saying?...You can't teach an old dog new tricks?  That is so not true.  There's always something if we just open up our minds and our hearts.  Not too long ago an 83 year old woman received her degree here in New York.  I absolutely love hearing stories like that, people follow their dream and let nothing deter them.   Now, sitting in a classroom is not for me....not enough brain stimulation. I'm one of those self learners.  Did my entire degree online and through exams.  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I tend to study harder  when I have to self-teach...that and listening to an instructors voice droning on and on tend to put me to sleep.  

Learning keeps my  mind alert and able, and not only  do I actually acquire  new knowledge, but I subsequently feel useful and good about myself as well.  I love reading, always have.  It is one of my greatest joys in life....and now that I am older, and don't get about as much, reading takes me to places and introduces me to people I will never meet or see in my lifetime.  It helps me to lose myself after a busy, stressful day....and, it was reading and learning that got me through those rough spots in my life.  Indeed, focusing on something other than my problems has always been so healing for me.   So, at the present time, I'm working towards learning my Runes, crystal healing, and preparing my last essay for my Ovate course....and I love it...

...because no matter how much I may learn, I will never know everything - there is always something new, something more, something out there waiting.  So, I will never stop.  

Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.  --Vernon Howard


  1. one can never learn too much. Like you I am always open to something new... hope you have a blessed day.

  2. That's why they say to learn something new every day -- it keeps us young!

    It's sad that we're taught to be so self-critical that we only see in ourselves what we don't like. But everything in society seems to conspire to make that so. Or at least it certainly did back in "the good old days."

  3. Mary...I have said it before and I'll likely say it a thousand more times but you are a true source of information, wealth, and inspiration! It is what draws people to you!

    I love to learn as well, and am reading at least three books at any given time, lol. I'm one of those who cannot keep my mind on any one thing too long...like sitting in a class...uugghhh!

    I have however been sticking to my guns over here and getting some much needed stuff in my home done and am proud to say it is whittling down! That will free me up to get more creative this winter.

    So thanks for sharing your Truth with us and in your own way giving me a soft boot in the butt! LOL...

    I love ya Mary!

  4. Just when you get that notion in your head that you know it all.....you get taken down a peg or two. :0)
    So says I !!!!!

  5. I enjoy learning new things. Looking back I could have been a professional student and loved it. Wishing you an awesome day Mary!