Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taking a Break

Taking a short break from this blog as I try to figure out what direction I'd like it to go. Anyone with any suggestions, please feel free to post your ideas. I will continue to post to my other blogs. Of course I took a break from my Avalon Blog, too, and that only lasted about a day or so. Guess I just need to regroup here. This was my very first blog and I jumped into it head on without a plan. I've got several things going on in my head at this point.

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  1. Yes, we bloggers all have times like this - too many blogs going and feeling we don't have material to post about. May I recommend a couple of books for your urban paganism blogs.... and they can give you ideas on finding magick in the city.... ""Pagan In The CIty" by Cassandra Eason and City Magick by Christopher Penczak. In fact City Magick is one the first Penczak books I got and now I have collected all of his writings and the audio CDs that go with them. For me his voice is quite magickal and soothing. Great for meditations and visualizations. But anyway perhaps reading some of the ideas and suggestions in these book might bring your attention that magick does live in the city too.