Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Roundup

The clouds above us come together and disperse;
The breeze in the courtyard departs and returns.
Life is like that, so why not relax?
Who can keep us from celebrating?


Good morning and a happy Friday to all.  My week wasn't so busy.  No school due to Jewish holidays.  Today I have Tai Chi.  Let's see how it goes this week.  Have to remember to focus on the trainer, not everyone else.  Maybe that way I'll be able to tell right from left. 

Visited my job on Tuesday.  First time I've been there since I retired.  Actually, first time I have been in the city since I retired.  So nice to know there is a bus that will take me there.  It felt good seeing everyone, and they were amazed at how well I looked. Of course, no more stress and overwork.  I have to admit that, for a brief moment, I wished that I was still a part of it.  Groups were just letting out when I arrived, and  I missed running my groups.  But, by the time it was ready to go home, I'd totally changed my mind.  I don't miss the huge caseloads and non-ending paperwork.   I realized it's like the old saying, "It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.'

Autumn is right around the corner.  I am so looking forward to my favorite time of the year.  Oh, I love the spring as well because it means the cold weather is over, but there is just something about the fall....the colors, the feel of the crisp leaves under my feet, the cool, crisp morning air. And, as in every change of season, I do some housecleaning, both inside and out. Physically, it's the usual--change of color scheme, etc.  Within, I clean out in as well.  Time to rid myself of old habits that aren't working as well as people who continue to waste my time...over and over again.  I have no use for hypocrites and fair weather friends.  

If you can't be my friend when you decide you are a Christian, then don't be my friend when you change your mind and become something else.  Perhaps you don't realize it, or perhaps you just don't care, but it hurts when I reach out in friendship and devote precious time trying to help you work through your problems.  It hurts that when you become Christian 'again' you snub me because I am Druid.  Too many times I've opened my heart to you in friendship and too many times you snub me because of my beliefs when you feel you have been 'saved'.  I was there for your call,  listening to your problems when my cat passed and then again when I was mourning my mom. I was your friend, but it's time to let you go. And this time I mean it. Friends don't treat each other like that.

Sorry about that.  Just had to get that out there.  Even if they may never see it, at least I set it free and it will no longer eat away at me.  

And to end on a happy note, there are certainly many wonderful people and friends out there, and I refuse to let one bad apple get me down.  A new friend has come into my life recently, and her goodness has brought such great joy to me.  I won a prize from a contest she had and yesterday I received the package.  I am in such awe.

And with that, I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy and see you on Monday.


  1. You're right, Mary. We cannot let our lives and selves be cavalierly used by those who are essentially spiritual narcissists. I suspect I know who in the blogosphere you're talking about.

  2. Oh, he will see it. Try not to be overwhelmed by his back and forths he is obviously not the most stable person. I gave up long ago, so should you. We are open in all religions and someone 's beliefs in the divine never closes our hearts towards them. If someone can not do the same he doesn't deserve us.
    Happy tae chi!
    Blessed weekend!

  3. Isn't it kind of weird to go back to the place you worked? I've always found it hard. I am not one to look back anyway. And as you say, it's different when you're just visiting.

  4. So glad you had a good visit with your old co-workers. I haven't been back to my old work in over four years. Many of them claimed a friendship with me that vanished when I wasn't there. I also know just what you are talking about with a fair-weather friend. I've been trying to let go of a relationship like that for a long time and yet it still persists.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I completely agree with you Mary, and I believe I know of whom you are speaking of. People such as this are definitely not worth our time after a certain point. I, too, have had a few friends over the years such as this, and, I also let them and the problems they cause go! Good for you!

    So happy to have you as a friend!

  6. Why would n't i approve your comment? Thank you for your words, they were very sweet. I did n't know you had such a personal relationship with him. This only makes his attitude even worse and more hurtful. I am so sorry.
    How was your class? By the way in groups like that i always confuse right and left too. Once in an aerobic class i had caused mayhem and boy did i get some angry looks.