Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Morning This and That.

Life is meant to be fun, and fun is a sure antidote to disappointment.  A million things have brought me joy, or laughter, or most important, the experience of beauty.  Read.  Plant a potato, and discover a treasure chest of new ones when you dig them.  Walk down a northern path in the springtime, and try to count the dogwood blossoms and the trilliums.  Read Shakespeare.  Discover love.  Then look up at the stars and reach for them.

Richard Cutler

Good morning everyone.  Thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday last week.  It meant a lot to me knowing that someone cares.  I've been having quite a hard time dealing with the loss of Miss Minga. I cry all the time.  Missing her so much.  She was my anchor, my boss, and I'm finding it hard to cope with being in my home without her.  
Last week I saw the endocrinologist and the good news is that it has been five months without medication, and my thyroid levels still remain normal.  She wants to me to go for a sonogram, though, before our next visit because it is slightly enlarged.  It seems as if one grows older there is always something.

I have finally finished going to the old center.  I went once last week to pick up my Avon and will go no more.  Spring is coming, and soon there will be lots to do.  Why spend time at a place where I am no longer happy?  Clients there refuse to grow.  (Seems strange calling myself a client after all my years of counseling).  They are set in their ways and don't want to learn.  They cannot understand 'why' I need a computer or a smart phone.   Not a good space for a lifelong learner like me.   I am not content to sit and play bingo and cards all day.  I want something to keep my mind active....which is why....

....I am hoping to go back to school for the summer semester.  The local college has a grant where seniors can pay an $80 registration fee and take college courses.  I could even get another degree if I want...which is wait and see on my part.  I would like to take up health and nutrition, something far different from the career I had chosen and something dear to my heart.  

I also plan to get out to Coney Island more than once like last year.  As I continue to lose weight the pain from walking is lessening, and I am able to get about a lot more.  On Friday I walked 16 blocks.  That's a biggie for me.  Not too long ago I couldn't go more than a block without losing my breath or stopping to lean on my cane in an attempt to relieve the pain.  What a difference 32 pounds makes.  And I can just imagine how good it will be when I lose the next 32.  

Well, that's about it for now.  Nothing major over the weekend.  Stayed in Saturday and did quite a bit of cleaning.  Wrote some letters and addressed some cards for the card group I am in.  On Sunday went to church and came home to prepare for the week to come.   It's a shame that for another year there was a visual police presence guarding the church.  What has the world come to?

Have a great day.


  1. Spring brings so many NEW possibilities! Have fun, Mary!

  2. Thirty two pounds! Such a wonderful accomplishment, Mary! You have so many great possibilities to choose from! Happy Spring to you, friend!

  3. I'm so happy for you, Mary, my friend, for I see much good coming your way!

  4. You're quite an amazing lady Mary! Good for you for being a lifelong scholar. Learning is a wonderful thing, don't let anyone push you off of this path. As we get older it is even more important than ever before to keep the mind active and sharp. :)

    I'm glad you got good news at the doc's. I wish you more good news in the future. :)