Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

 Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.

Jean Paul Richter

Good morning everyone.  How about that snow on Friday?  Winter just isn't going lightly this year.  The news said there is a possibility of another storm come Friday, but hopefully that won't be snow.  Nonetheless, I started my spring cleaning on Saturday.  Worked my butt off.  Started packing away some winter I know I won't be using again this year and dug out some spring.  Cleaned out closets and drawers.  Washed all my knickknacks, dusted, put new doilies on, swept and mopped, etc.  There was no resting for the weary.  

Today is my birthday. Time is flying far too fast for me.  Can't keep up with it. Can't believe I am 68 years old today, or I will be at 12:06 pm, and guess what?  I've got an appointment with the endocrinologist in the morning.  Now I wish I had changed it when I had a chance. Thank goodness it's not an every week thing.  It's quite a long journey to get there. Takes about an hour and two buses.  So that will be two hours of traveling today.  What a way to spend one's birthday.

I've been practicing working with watercolor and my first attempt at real art is a portrait of my sweet baby girl, Miss Minga.  I swear, I miss her more and more each day.  Little memories come up, and before I know it, the tears are flowing.  This portrait was one of my ways to honor my little angel.  Once I get into acrylics, I'll do another painting.  I see here where I made my mistakes and won't make them again.

Well, that's about it for this weekend.  Aside from all my housework, it was a quiet one.  Have a wonderful Monday. 


  1. your painting is beautiful ,,, all the more beautiful because its someone you loved! I know very well the pain of missing our furry family members, take care,

  2. Happy Birthday, Mary! And you've really caught Miss Minga's face in your portrait -- lovely! Have a wonderful day (despite the doctor's appointment).

  3. Happy Birthday Mary! Time sure ploughs on relentlessly but I don't pay attention to it anymore. There is nothing I can do about it anyways. :P The way I see it, every year that passes, I'm that much richer in life experience and that much more happy.

    Your painting of Miss Minga is beautiful! I could tell right away it was her. I wish you much fun playing with watercolours and acrylics. I used to paint in watercolours when I was younger but never touched acrylics. I trained myself in oil painting few years ago and these days when I paint it's always in oils. No matter what medium though, painting is such a wonderful and comforting activity. Have fun. :)

  4. What a wonderful, sweet portrait of your Miss Minga! I love it, Mary. You did a beautiful job! Happy Birthday to you, friend, and big hug!

  5. Happy happy birthday, Mary! And I love the portrait tribute to Miss Minga, beautiful.