Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Morning This and That

 We often hear of bad weather, but in reality, no weather is bad. It is all delightful, though in different ways. Some weather may be bad for farmers or crops, but for man all kinds are good. Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating. As Ruskin says, "There is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather." 

John Lubbock,

As a new week begins I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all  a joyful week.  We had some pretty nasty weather last night and we are  in for more of the same, but that doesn't mean I have to let it get me down.  Our days are what we choose make of them, and today  I choose not to let the depression I felt this past winter re-appear.  

I can't believe I missed seeing the moon this weekend.  I was not in good shape on Saturday.  I was barely able to walk from the pain.  Fortunately I woke up on Sunday in better shape.  

My weekend, for the most part was uneventful. You will never guess what I did on Saturday.  The Hallmark Channel had a marathon of Christmas flicks so I spent the day 'celebrating' Christmas in July.  On Sunday I went to Church in the morning, then settled down for an afternoon of "Leverage".  I don't understand why they took that show off, especially since it was done only a few months after it won first place as a fan favorite. Seems to me that in doing that they are telling us that we, as fans, don't matter.

Hubby brought home 3 pounds of strawberries on Friday. Not bad for only $2.  Sometimes the truck drives around with items fresh from the farm, and if you are lucky enough to catch them, you can really get a bargain.  Trouble is, hubby doesn't like them and 3 pounds is much too much for me to eat, so I hulled and froze some for smoothies at a later date.

On Saturday I came home with some bounty myself--watermelon, golden plums, peaches, red grapes, and cantaloupe.  Eating healthy this week, that's for sure...all except for Sunday, that is.

A huge pot of sauce with ground beef and Italian Sweet Sausages.  I had to have it.  Besides, if I didn't have high blood pressure it wouldn't be bad for me, but the sausages are high in sodium.  I really debated on this one and ended up throwing caution to the wind.  I know it is my life I am playing with, but it's not something I have every day.  Tasted real good with bow tie macaroni

Polar vortex.  I don't know about you, but it sounds sort of outer space to me.  This is the reason for our recent outbreak of messy weather and by the week abnormally cooler temperatures should arrive.  I'm not going complain about that one.  Seems the older I get, the harder it is to take the heat and humidity.  I'm going to enjoy the reprieve to the fullest. 

Still debating what I am going to do today.  Do I go to Qigong or what?  I wasn't really into it last week because I have issues concentrating on my breathing, but I know one cannot judge something on one time alone.  I have to give it some time...but traveling in stormy weather?  I have choice today and will play it by ear.

Wishing you all a fantastic Monday. 


  1. A Christmas movie marathon? You know, I've been absent-mindedly whistling a lot of Christmas carols recently. Has there been a time shift we don't know about? Maybe it's the influence of the Super Moon! I saw it Friday night and it was magnificent.

  2. Ah....the weather.....It is so hot and humid in AZ right now I wish I was at the North Pole.LOLLOL BTW...looks like you are eating case you don't know bing cherries are good for Arthritis....don't know if that is the cause for your pain....but thought I would share this with you.. Go to Qigong and focus on that BREATH! It does wonders.



  3. I am sorry you were in so much pain. I hope you are better by now. Lately it seems like everywhere i turn someone is telling about their chronic pain issues. It is a horrible thing to deal with!