Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just a Few Photos on an Early Thursday Morn

You can only come to the morning through the shadows. 

J.R.R. Tolkien

Good morning.  They say the humidity is expected to break today.  We'll see.  We had some storm the other night.  As you can see our windows open up onto a courtyard which shields us from the weather so we didn't hear a thing. Not much of a view, is there, but my biggest  disappointment is that for some reason the snow doesn't fall has heavily so I cannot really enjoy the falling snow.  There can be a foot of snow up front, but only a few inches back here.   but it does protect us from the noise the people in the front have to put up with.  There is a nightclub right down the block and I hear it can become quite noisy at 4 am.  

I do wish the people who own the house next door would paint that eyesore.  You'd never guess by looking at it that inside the house, all three apartments, is like a mansion and up for sale at $1,999,999. 

Can you believe how bright that sun was as I waited for the bus to go home from the Center?  Not a very good photo, but that's because it was so bright.

I had just gotten in from the Center and was in the process of cooling off.  She is my heart, the true joy of my life.  Oh, hubby and I love each other, for sure, but this is different. Miss Minga has taught me the what it is to receive unconditional love. She has taught me the true meaning of  love.

This was later in the afternoon while I was working on my lessons at the computer.  I have beds laid out for her wherever I sit.

May we realize that
as our pets trust us to take care of them,
so we should trust you to take care of us,
and in taking care of them