Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Ramble

Why is play so elusive for some grown-ups? Because we are so strongly attracted
and attached to a profoundly goal-oriented, work-ethic-driven society. Like
other forms of non-work, play connotes wastefulness, a stoppage in the way of
what needs to get done. Yet often what really needs to get done has more to do
with our hearts and spirits and less to do with a deadline or longstanding project.
Play beckons to us, urging us to live in the present moment, a moment that
becomes more luminous when we disallow interruptions like work and worry.

Leslie Levine
(I bought the above when hubby and I got our first apartment.  I can't believe it has been that long.)

 (Breakfast time, the most important meal of the day, and Miss Minga sure lets me know it. You have to hear her in the morning. It brings me joy, though, that at her age she still has this hearty appetite.)

(She is always at my feet.  This is how our evenings are spent.)
(I transplanted all my cacti into one pot.  I sure hope they survive.  The little turtle was a gift from a colleague.  It's extremities are made of jade.)
(A practice photo.  I downloaded another camera onto my phone.  It is supposed to have sharper images.  Not bad.)

Can you imagine experiencing the world as a great sandbox
given for us to play in like we did as children? As we play, we can
also open ourselves to the exploration of our edges,
always creating new adventures of self-exploration as we let go
of old out-dated beliefs about ourselves.

Judith-Annette Milburn

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