Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Rant...Sort Of

When life's problems seem overwhelming, look around and see
what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself fortunate.

Ann Landers 

I played hooky yesterday. The air was heavy,  hot, and humid with threats of rain,  and I just didn't feel like going out. Instead, I spent the day taking care of practical matters... contacting the Union regarding the holdup is in my pension and basically making some calls and doing some research on what other programs is available for a seniors. And here I thought I had it all together.  Boy, was I fooled.  Never did I realize how complicated this whole retirement thing is. Applying for Social Security was easy.  The worst was yet to come.

I've still not chosen a plan to offset my medicare, so, at this point,I have no prescription plan nor dental. There are just so many to choose from, and all of them seem to offer the world.  Knowing that I'll be tied in for a year, has me scared about jumping into something. I want to choose what is best for my needs.   Fortunately, I have enough medication to last me until the end of October, but I still have to act quickly. 

Everything is tied to everything else.  Food stamps, HEAP, the state insurance program,  and Scrie are tied to my income which is tied to my pension plan. I cannot do anything with any of them until I have a letter regarding my pension income.  Income is also tied to  how much I pay Medicare and the plan that I choose. Everything has to be done in order, and I am just so confused at this point.

Even my rent increase has me more than a wee bit confused.  I received a letter yesterday about my new lease. I cannot believe two years is almost up. How quickly it passed by. The letter says that if I renew for one year  I will pay $1159, but if I choose a two year lease my rent will be $1201. Does this mean if I sign for two years I have to pay $1201 for both years? Personally, if this is the way it is, I don't understand why anyone would  sign anything but a one year lease if that is the case.  Somehow, it seems to me the tenant is being ripped if they choose a two year lease. I've never had a lease before.  Can anyone explain why it is done this way?

I don't want to turn this into a rant, but I when I think of my clients, not those that 'really' need the help  because there are many who do need help to survive.  Mental illness and drug addiction are a b..tch. This is directed toward those, such as my young drug dealer who has nothing physical or mental wrong with him and has never worked a day in his life, yet has many more entitlements than I do, and I worked for fifty years. He plays the system to get what he wants, and the system goes right along with his game.  I just don't understand a system that will basically throw out a red carpet for these young, healthy people who are playing the system and make it so difficult for those of us who have more than paid our dues.  There has to be a better way.

To be continued....


  1. Wish I could help you in the rent department, but I have no knowledge of it.
    As for the RX plan, I had to sign up for it when I wasn't even taking any meds. :0) Paid for that Plan until I was 70. Then I took my first 2 meds and boy did the numbers fly fast towards that so called "donut hole area" where all costs would be mine until a certain amount was met. :0( Asked my doctor to write my 2 RX's for something other than generic. Went to Walmart and told them I had no RX coverage. Get those 2 meds three months at a time for $20 for both ($10 each) and my meds costs me $80 a year. My mind/brain accepts this number so much better than the other and where I would pay a copay each month if I used Humana, this way is CHEAPER for me. :0) Still pay for Humana. Don't use it, but keep it just in case something catastrophic hits me.
    Good Luck m/f (((hugs)))

  2. has a drug plan finder. Enter the meds you take and your zip code, and it will tell you which plans will work best for you. As I recall, you can change drug plans during the first year as often as you want

  3. Your senior center may be able to help direct you to an agency that can help explain the supplemental plans. They all go by letters: Plan A (B, C, D, etc.) offer exactly the same benefits in every insurance company. What differs is the premium

  4. Retirement is supposed to be GOOD, not like this. I hope you can get some sound, solid information and advice in time for your October deadline! And Debra is right! SO much ludicrous red tape.

  5. Oh golly Mary....I'm so sorry this is so complicated in New York. My Medicare was very straightforward....I chose a supplemental plan and was done! (O: As far as the rent goes it does sound like they are accounting for Inflation if you sign a two year lease. They will probably only charge you 1159 for the first year but they could raise it considerable the second if the cost of housing skyrockets in New York....just a thought on the subject. Don't know if I'm correct or not....but it makes sense.

    Hope I've helped.

    Have a wonderful day....It has been raining here....too....finally.



  6. Can't believe it's 2 years already! Wow!!!

    When my grandma was living in Brooklyn still, she had BC/BS for her offset to Medicare and EPIC for her Rx. She swore by EPIC. At that time it was like a flat rate of 175 dollars for the year. Just something to think about.

    Now...I'm not 100% sure about the rent thing, but I think on the 2 year lease they are factoring in what you would be paying with an increase in 2 years. I know what I want to say, just trying to find the words. I think they used the cost of living increase to figure what the rent would be 2 yrs from now and are locking you in at the 1201 for 24 months. If you sign a lease they can't raise you until the end of said lease.