Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Morning This and That

We need periods of being by ourselves--alone. Sometimes a
fortnight or even a week will do wonders for one, unless
he or she has drawn too heavily on the account. The simple
custom, moreover, of taking an hour, or even a half hour,
alone in the quiet, in the midst of the daily routine of life,
would be the source of inestimable gain for countless numbers.

Ralph Waldo Trine
I had a nice weekend.  On Friday, I rose early, showered, and dressed, then made a decision not to go to the center.  I decided to run my Saturday errands  instead.  That way I would be able to take Saturday off.  I realize that I have now been transferring my workaholic tendencies to my retirement activities.  I feel as if I have to go, go, go.  Fortunately I realized what was happening before it got to the point where I burned myself out.  I don't have to be on the run seven days a week.  Part of retirement should also be taking the time to relax, to rest after a lifetime of work.  I knew that hubby had plans to visit his sister, and I felt the need for some solitude.

So, I headed to the bank, checked out Best Buy for a Laptop, and went to the fruit stand.  As usual, I made out like a champ.  Of course, I came home with my favorite black seedless grapes.
I'm thinking, though, that grapes are usually available year round, and are usually one of the few fruits I eat during the winter months.  Perhaps it is time to lay off of them for awhile and take advantage of the fruits that will soon be off the market. Such as the donut peaches below.

For some reason, they always taste better to me than regular peaches, which, by the way, are not one of my favorite fruits.  Whenever I buy them, it is usually for hubby to eat.

I also bought some strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and kiwis which I  made into the following salad.

How healthy can I get?  I am missing my fruit smoothies that I got at the stand on my way to work.  I know, I could always buy a blender and make my own, but I'll admit it.  I am lazy, and it is a lot of work.  So, I indulge in lots of fruit.

On Sunday morning I went to church.  I really enjoyed the service right from the start.  The processional hymn spoke of the Lord of the land and the sea.  It was so beautiful.  And then, the priest gave a sermon about 'invisible realms' and how, just because we may not see something in our mortal realm, it doesn't mean it is not there--right up my alley.  He spoke of our ancestors and how he believes they are always around us.  I was really enthralled with this one.

I don't feel so much like a fraud anymore.  I have always felt comfortable in the church, but often wondered how they would react if they know I wasn't a Catholic. And, this had nothing to do with my being a Druid and an Interfaith minister.  No, it had to do with  the bad experiences I had in the Catholic Church surrounding my firstborn's baptism.  His father was a Catholic, and his family wanted their grandchild baptized in the Catholic Church, but when the priest discovered I wasn't Catholic, he made a big thing out of it. In essence, he did all he could to make me feel inferior. In essence, because mom wasn't a Catholic and refused to go through the hoops they requested they would not baptize my son. 

I'd been baptized in the Episcopal Church, and when I contacted them, there was no problem with my husband being Catholic, and they baptized my son.  Ironically, if you study the history of the Episcopal Church you will find that it was originally considered Anglican Catholic.  Because Anglican means English, both the Scottish and American Anglicans chose the name Episcopal, meaning "with bishops."  The mass is pretty much the same with communion and many of the same prayers.  However, the priests are allowed to marry, women can become priests, and there are no nuns.

So, when I began attending this Church, I at first did have a bit of concern, but the truth is, I was wrong to judge everyone on the merits of one bad apple.  I became an Interfaith minister because I believe there is good in all religions and beliefs.  It seems that, for just a short while, I'd forgotten.  Thanks for letting me share. 

There is no religion without love, and people may talk as much as they like
about their religion, but if it does not teach them to be
good and kind to person and beast, it is all a sham. 

Anna Sewell


  1. It's so hard to learn to enjoy non-busy times when you have had so little down time in the past. Right now I have indoor and outdoor work, but in the Winter I get bored with too much free time. Craft projects are good for these times. I'm thinking of making some aprons for gifts this winter!

  2. Those grapes look delicious, but those peaches I absolutely love.

    Wow . . . that salad also looks delicious.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the church service that you attended, Mary, my friend, for that really sounded interesting.

  3. Mmmm, that fruit salad looks wonderful. I don't think I've ever had a donut peach. I should try one. Do you like nectarines? They're a nice cross between a peach and something else -- a tangerine perhaps?

  4. What a delicious fruit salad that must have been! And those grapes look like delectable, sweet purple gems. You are eating healthy indeed! :).

    I'm glad you are slowing down! Excellent idea. Enjoy your Monday Mary.

  5. You're being smart and taking good care of yourself by your pacing out what activities you're doing. Solitude is wonderful when it's a conscious choice. I tend to to do much solitude and get lonely so I need to do more external activities. The church you attend sounds lovely. it's so wonderful to find a spiritual sanctuary.

  6. Peaches are my most not favorite fruit. Unless I peel off the skin, I don't like the fuzziness of the skin! Nice looking fruits!

  7. Hi Mary......glad you had a wonderful weekend, and that you have figured that retirement means "to occasionally retire" know...I take a nap most days. I used to think I always had to be doing something but now I realize how important my downtime is just picking up a book and reading or resting with the dogs.....really has become an important part of my day.

    BTW.....glad you have found your "church home". I believe God loves us all NO MATTER WHAT WE BELIEVE! (O:(O: