Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Newest Little Angel

When we travel in Divine harmony with our angels, we see ourselves, and others as well, without labels,
without lurking motives, without fear. We soften, gently detaching ourselves from problems
and hardened attitudes, yet feeling new life flowing and discovering new solutions...freer ways of being.

Karen Goldman

Yesterday the thrift shop at the center was open, so just before lunch I ran down and took a look of what they had to offer. There was lots of costume jewelry, but I've really too much already. There was also plenty of clothes, but I've been weeding out, not bringing in. They had some old videos, some books, and then there were the knickknacks. It was then that I saw her sitting way towards the back and knew I had to have newest little Angel.

Then I realized that her little wing was broken. Many would have put her back, but I seem to draw these little broken Angels to me so when I arrived home, I did a little research and this is what I found...

'An Angel with broken wings symbolizes a person who has been emotionally hurt, but no matter how broken we may be, we still have that one wing still intact which means that, no matter what happens, there is still hope.' 

 What a wonderful thought!  Have a wonderful day.

May the angels keep you til morning.
May they guide you through the night.
May they comfort all your sorrows.
May they help you win the fight.
May they keep watch on your soul.
May they show you better ways.
May they guard you while you're sleeping.
May they see you through your days.
May they show you new hopes.
May they still your every doubt
May they calm your every fear.
May they hear you when you shout.
May the angels keep you til morning.
More than this I cannot pray.
And if the angels ever fail you.
Then may God be there that day.

Author Unknown


  1. There is a "home" for everything. :0) (((hugs)))

  2. The ones with broken wings need extra TLC!

  3. Oh Mary.....what an inspirational post this morning. It really touched me...You are so right in believing that the angels with broken wings are special. I believe they have one broken wing because they have worn it out teaching other people how "to fly".

    blessings to you sweet friend....I'm thinking of you.


  4. She is beautiful and so is the thought. I too would have brought her into my home and not put her back. We've all been broken at one time or another, but we always have hope, it's true. :). It was meant to be that you found her.

  5. Aw, you rescued her Mary.
    She is perfect even with
    a broken wing.

    We have all had our feathers
    ruffled and broken along the

    thank you for sharing

    hugs Sharon