Monday, August 12, 2013

As Monday Rolls Around.

Happy Monday to everyone.  It's raining this morning so I am not sure that I will be headed to the center today.  It's nice to be able to 'make' that decision.  I'm not up to par anyway.  My tummy is a little on the rocks this morning.  Ate something yesterday that I shouldn't have.  I've a few hours left before the activities begin so I guess I will just play it by ear.

I had a nice weekend.  On Saturday I went shopping for pillows for my new rocking chair. Not much luck in that department.  Guess I will have to go to Target or a place like that.  The chair is so comfortable and rocks so quietly.  It's just what I wanted. 

Snapped the above picture of the sky while waiting for the bus.
And this one a few minutes later.

Speaking about riding buses, don't you just hate it when people talk very loud on their cell phones while riding on public transportation?  Like everyone 'really' wants to hear their business. My guess is that some people just don't realize how their voice carries, while others just don't care who hears their business. Personally, I find it annoying, and it makes for a rather uncomfortable ride. It's awkward  in that one  really doesn't 'want' to eavesdrop, but the person gives you no choice. It was obvious that I wasn't alone in the feeling, but here in the city, you have to be so careful about what you say to people. It was the bus driver was able to take the situation and turn it all around. Here is the gist of what happened. 

There was woman seated in the middle of the bus, and she was carrying on a conversation on her cell phone. From what I could gather, she was trying to make arrangements with the other to do some work on her home. Obviously, the person wasn't understanding her thick accent...which made her speak all the louder. She kept repeating, "I won't be home until 3 o'clock. 4 o'clock?" And then she would talk some more with this person, and eventually they would end up right back to the 3 o'clock thing. Then, she said, "How about Saturday?" Out of the blue, the bus driver, who was probably getting tired of it as well,  says (on the speaker), "Saturday will be fine. What time?" The entire bus burst out in laughter.The woman was so engrossed in her conversation she didn't know the joke was on her...but she really had asked for it.

Look at her face.  My son was over  Sunday and was snapping some photos on my phone.  He caught her as I got out of the chair to get a glass of water. She's not too happy that I woke her up. She's a character, she is.  Always at my feet no matter where I sit. Miss Minga is my boss, and what she says goes.  LOL!!!


  1. Good morning Mary I
    love your new rocking
    chair and the piccy
    of Miss Minga the
    Calico kitty.

    Hope you find the perfect
    pillow for your chair.

    blessings of love and peace
    hugs Sharon

  2. I love your rocker too! I am so tired of cell phone overuse in public. I think it's rather rude. I wish people would use it away from others instead of talking loudly in the middle of a restaurant while you're trying to enjoy dinner, or on public transportation, etc.

  3. Lol! The bus driver has a great sense of humor and that's a good thing. I've met quite a few grumpy, not so nice ones! And yes, Miss Minga looks quite put out. Hiw DARE you?! She says. Lol again.

  4. Good morning Mary......get well soon with that tummy bug. On another note....I can never understand why people cannot wait until they are in a more private venue to make cell phone calls or receive them. My hubby says they MUST BE very important people to be so connected! LOL LOL



  5. Hi Mary......first comment must of disappeared in the WEB universe LOL.

    Feel better and just be glad that NOT EVERYONE thinks it is appropriate to carry on personal conversations in a public venue.



  6. It takes all kinds to make this world go round. sighhhhh
    I've been so embarrassed (more than once) when out of the blue I hear someone behind me say "hi" quite loudly and I turn to face them while saying "hi" and see they are on their cell phone and were not speaking to me.

    Gorgeous chair as well as comfortable. A win, Win! Have you looked Online in Etsy or some other site. Some crafters put so much extra into their work than a production line does.

    Have a great week whatever you chose to do with your time Mary. (((hugs)))