Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Kaballah Centre

 The obstacles and challenges that appear in our lives are not really our "enemies." In fact, the difficulties we face were created to help us gain strength for the spiritual growth that is the true purpose of our lives.

 Kabbalah Centre

Every once in awhile, you will spotlight quotes made by a special person I admire.  Truth be told, sometimes I just can't think about what to write about.... and by taking advantage of this opportunity, I am gifted with the opportunity to introduce you to  some of my favorite people and places, to those who I may have never met, but touched my life. Karen and Michael Berg are two of those people. I've come to know them through my special interest in the Kabbalah Centre, an organization that teaches the mystical side of Kabbalah. Their teachings help one to feel more balance in your life I have been affiliated with them for several years and have received their newsletters for just as long. 

I first met Michael when I read "The Way: Using the Wisdom of the Kabbalah for Spiritual Transformation and Fulfillment", a delightful book that teaches one how to utilize the Kaballah to improve your life. It was truly a great book for someone new to the Kaballah as I was. His mother, Karen, is the author of "To Be Continued: Reincarnation & the Purpose of Our Lives"a wonderful book that discusses the soul's journey back to the light. 

  The following are some of my favorite quotes by these authors:

"Our past choices determined where we start in this life, but it's our present choices that will determine where we go next." 
 Karen Berg, 
From the Book"To Be Continued: Reincarnation & the Purpose of Our Lives"

"In the quiet of the night, if you listen carefully enough, you might hear the flutter of a wing. Each one of us can learn to hear angels." 

Karen Berg

"When we forgive others for wrongs they have done to us then our negative actions are forgiven as well. In order for this to become our nature we need to practice forgiveness often, knowing that in this way we remove any negative effects of our actions from our lives."

Michael Berg

It’s easy to get stuck in the details of life and to miss the big picture. We perform actions without any regard to their future consequences. As the apple is contained in the seed, every effect that materializes in our lives has its origin in a prior action performed by us. 

Kabbalah Centre


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  2. Those are some magnificent quotes, thank you for sharing!

  3. That book looks interesting Mary, I am also interested in Kaballah and also in other ancient religions.

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