Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

According to one legend, the Roman god of Love, was hurrying to the council of the gods, carrying a vase of nectar to the gods on Mount Olympus when he stumbled and spilled a drop on the ground. This drop grew into a beautiful rose, the most endearing flower to give a woman on Valentines Day.

As usual, holiday time always stirs up some fond childhood memories, and Valentine's Day is no exception. In elementary school, this was such a special day for us kids, and for weeks we prepared and looked forward to our classroom party. See if you can remember the following....

...passing out Valentines to all the kids in the class...

...and receiving one from the cutest boy in class, but, of course, he 'really' hadn't singled you out.  Back in the day, we were required to give a Valentine to each kid in the class.  That way no one felt unwanted.

...cupcakes with confetti or heart shaped bits on them. 

... Spending hours making lacy Valentine’s Day cards out of construction paper, white paper doilies, and paste for our family and friends. 

 ...heart shaped candies with sayings such as 'Be Mine" 

...stretchable heart shaped candy necklaces and bracelets 

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  Go, Cupid, and my sweetheart tell
    I love her well.
    Yes, though she tramples on my heart
    And rends that bleeding thing apart;
    And though she rolls a scornful eye
    On doting me when I go by;
    And though she scouts at everything
    As tribute unto her I bring -
    Apple, banana, caramel -
    Haste, Cupid, to my love and tell,
    In spite of all, I love her well!
    And further say I have a sled
    Cushioned in blue and painted red!
    The groceryman has promised I
    Can "hitch" whenever he goes by -
    Go, tell her that, and, furthermore,
    Apprise my sweetheart that a score
    Of other little girls implore
    The boon of riding on that sled
    Painted and hitched, as aforesaid; -
    And tell her, Cupid, only she
    Shall ride upon that sled with me!
    Tell her this all, and further tell
    I love her well.

Eugene Field


  1. Happy Valentin's Day my friend! Wishing you a day filled with chocolate! And yes, I do remember doing those things in school, those were the days.


  2. Oh, I can smell that white paste now, LOL! And glitter, don't forget the tons and tons of glitter we'd put on those cards. Happy Valentines Day, Mary!

  3. This post made me smile thinking about my childhood Valentine's. Happy Valentine's Day to you and may you receive lots of love and happiness.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Sister of Mine! :)

    Yes, I remember those days...all to well! Ha Ha Ha...I remember making boxes to recieve all of our cards from our classmates in too, all decorated of course...we had so much fun back then, didn't we?

    Good to have fond remembrances...
    Love You Dear One!

  5. Tried to comment earlier. Try again now...

    Happy Valentine's Day,