Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Way Of The Wind

The wind's way in the deep sky's hollow
None may measure, as none can say
How the heart in her shows the swallow
The wind's way.

Hope nor fear can avail to stay
Waves that whiten on wrecks that wallow,
Times and seasons that wane and slay.

Life and love, till the strong night swallow
Thought and hope and the red last ray,
Swim the waters of years that follow
The wind's way.

Algernon Charles Swinburne

Oh my, I am surely glad that I chose to play hooky yesterday. The weather was pretty severe. The rains were torrential and the winds strong. Although I love both, the way things were flying about, I was glad to be in the comfort of my home and not dodging the objects that were blowing about because not everyone listens and takes heed.  

Yesterday afternoon, while sitting in my rocker enjoying the fresh air that was blowing through the house, I suddenly I heard a loud crash in the courtyard. Turned out to be one of my neighbor's plants that had been blown right out of the window. On closer examination, I saw that it was a small live Christmas tree...and those flowers that I thought I saw at first glimpse were small red bulbs.  Now, I am for Christmas as much as the next person, but I have to believe this is a leftover from last Christmas. After all, how can forget that Halloween falls in between...and that it is right around the corner. 

I get more and more excited as the days pass by, and the arrival of the Spirit Halloween Store down the block from my job tells me that it is really on its way.  I've always loved Halloween, probably even more so than Christmas.  There is something magical about this day when the veils wear thin, and the ancestors once again walk the earth.  Ghosts and goblins abound, and little girls can once again become a fairy princess...and all of us can dress up and become children again. 

It's a magic night, to be sure, but Halloween means so more than just the magic that comes from casting spells. Indeed, its magic goes so much further than that, for Halloween is magical in a sense that anything can happen...and that is exactly what makes it so special.

But, for now, life must continue at its daily pace. There is work to be done, and clients to be seen. Halloween will be here soon enough, and before we know it, it will be gone once again, another year over, yet another distant memory.


  1. Mary, I love that you get so excited at the thoughts of Halloween. It truly is a magical
    time of the year.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    hugs and love Sharon

  2. Mmmmmmmm, I take it, that Blogger has not switched you over to the NEW CRAP-O-LA yet? Lucky you.

    I don't even know HOW to "Publish." My post this AM, "published" before I wanted it to.



    There goes blogging fun for a while, while I learn this &*(&^%^&** NEW SYSTEM.


  3. We went and bought two pumpkins last night. They'll stay in the garage until Halloween when we will carve them into jack-o-lanterns. We always get our pumpkins as soon as they arrive in the stores because one year we waited too long and all the good ones were gone. Lesson learned!

  4. Rainy here yesterday, and a tornado watch, for pete's sake. I think the Windy Spirit agreed with you about the Christmas tree and swept it away. Halloween first. Then Thanksgiving. Then Christmas.

  5. Stopped by to visit. THX for having me.
    Have a gr8 day...ya hear! (((hugs)))Pat

  6. I'm so excited about Halloween too! I have some decorations up and now just have to be careful I don't get too burned out on Halloween before it's time. But, I don't think I will. Glad you were safe and warm yesterday. Still sunny and mild here in So. Cal

  7. We had your torrential rains a few days ago. Today it is overcast but at times the Sun peeks out. It is also warming up nicely as last night we had frost warnings out. I quickly brought in my plants! Ha!

    As for the Christmas tree I know quite a few people who leave up a living tree all year long and decorate it according to the is actually quite cool. :)

    Yes, Halloween is coming quickly and I have started to put up a few things...I'm not going to go overboard this year as I'm still packing things up. As for pumpkins I'll wait a bit as I don't want them to spoil before I can use them.

    Happy to hear you took a day off Mary and enjoyed the fresh air blowing in through your windows...I love that! Mine are open all of the time even with the A.C. as I detest stagnant air. I know...some would say I defeat my purpose but they aren't open far...just far enough to let some fresh air in.

    Enjoy your day and Blessings of Autumnal Light to You!