Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Autumn Song

Now's the time when children's noses
All become as red as roses
And the colour of their faces
Makes me think of orchard places
Where the juicy apples grow,
And tomatoes in a row.

And to-day the hardened sinner
Never could be late for dinner,
But will jump up to the table
Just as soon as he is able,
Ask for three times hot roast mutton--
Oh! the shocking little glutton.

Come then, find your ball and racket,
Pop into your winter jacket,
With the lovely bear-skin lining.
While the sun is brightly shining,
Let us run and play together
And just love the autumn weather.

by Katherine Mansfield

We've had the most magnificent weather these past few day...a cool breeze in the morning, clear striking blue sky, with snow white puffy clouds. The leaves have not yet begun to change, but the new season is definitely on its way. The children have returned to school and as I watch them gaily chatting amongst their friends, I think of seasons, a long, long time ago when I was that rosy faced child so eager to engage in the adventures a new school year promised to bring.

Nowhere was this more pronounced than the year I entered the 8th grade.  This was to be the last year of my childhood.  I knew on that September morn when I walked to school that changes were soon to come.  In those days, we went to the same school from first grade through the eighth.  There was no 'middle school' in my little town.  For eight years we had the same classmates, but what seemed as all too soon, we were destined to part way in schools so large that for some classes we had to climb four flights of stairs.  It is no wonder that we went our separate ways, made new friends, and developed new hobbies and interests.  Sometimes we passed each other in the hallway like two ships in the night and nodded our recognition; other times, we just passed.

That was so long, long ago, yet the years have passed by so quickly, it is hard to believe that so much has happened since then.  Today, each morning as I go to work, I am aware that this could possibly be my last year as an employee, and as my back continues to deteriorate, retirement ways heavily on my mind, and I wonder what the cool September morns next year will be like.  I wonder what new adventures the next big change in my life will bring.

Thank you for letting this melancholy old woman share today.


  1. Whatever changes come, you can and will handle them well, I'm sure, Mary. Enjoy your beautiful weather!

  2. Whatever comes your way Dear Mary will be full of grace, as you give so much to all who surround you.

    Here's to cool September morn's and Sisters who Light the Way!

    Saturn seems to be bringing us many memories right now, to peruse, change, and move forward.

    Brightest of Blessings,

  3. In ND, we had the 8 years of grade school and four years of high school. But, I went to a one-room country school for the first six grades and went in to join the "town" kids in 7th grade. That was one tough year. I couldn't even read aloud in class, my voice shook so much.

  4. There is a real bittersweetness with all big changes I think. Esp. for kids who know a familiar school and familiar faces who have to go into the unknown. Do we ever lose the child within? I can understand your trepidation and melancholy as your future lays ahead, but I also know you'll graduate into something that may just bring you beauty one day.

  5. I am sorry you are feeling blue, Mary. But as you say, "new adventures" are coming. Change can be bittersweet, but it also can usher in the best years yet! Keep a good thought, and enjoy this wonderful Autumn!!

  6. Mary, I haven't seen the word "gaily" written in ages. Such a cheerful word used to descibe a feeling. :0)
    Me,myself and I...don't cotton to change either, but this change in my life has been GOOD. Which goes to prove...change can be good.:0)
    May "all good" be your good fortune too. (((hugs)))Pat