Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Rare Thursday Rant

Celebrity-worship and hero-worship should not be confused.
Yet we confuse them every day, and by doing so we come dangerously close to depriving ourselves of all real models. We lose sight of the men and women who do not simply seem great because they are famous but are famous because they are great. We come closer and closer to degrading all fame into notoriety.

Daniel J. Boorstin
Yesterday I turned on the news to hear the weather report and the first thing I heard was that Lindsay Lohan was once again in trouble. This time she was arrested after her SUV alleged hit a pedestrian, and it seems that she left the scene of the accident. I am so tired of reading about this woman committing crimes everywhere she goes and getting what I consider, celebrity justice. Let one of us do half the things that she has done, and we'd be sitting in jail. Let one of my clients do it, and they would lock the door and throw away the key.  But, it seems to me that if you are a celebrity, you are above the law. And sadly, when she actually does kill someone, they will say that they "never saw this coming."  

Even sadder still is that our teenagers look up to these so-called role models. This morning, the newscaster stated that her only claim to fame is her bad girl image, and he is tired of talking about her.  What else has she done with her life was the question he asked?  He then went on to add that if this was your average person on the street, they would be behind bars. Needless to say, I was so proud of him for voicing his opinion. 

It is a sad state of affairs that children are being brought up in a culture which is saturated with sex, violence, and an emphasis on fashion and appearance. Indeed, there are wonderful positive role models in the spotlight as well, but the media doesn't talk about them as the do the negative role models.

When I was growing up, adults were complaining about Elvis Presley because he swiveled his hips too much. Today, it is violence and sex that sells.  Let one of these young stars volunteer their services at an orphanage or an old folks home, and we wouldn't hear about it...or else a wee article will be found somewhere in the middle of the newspaper.  But, by golly, let a rap star shoot someone or a silly little actress get drunk  and get arrested for a DWI, and it is front page news. What does that say about how far we have come? Not something to brag about is it?  And when does it end?  When do we, as a society say 'enough is enough'. 

In closing, I would love to share with you the wonderful little story I found about Gandhi. It says a lot about values and what it means to be a positive role model.

A troubled mother took her daughter to see Mohandas Gandhi,
who was world-renowned for his great spiritual discipline. It seems
the young girl had become addicted to eating sweets, and her mother
wanted Gandhi to speak to her about this harmful habit and convince
her to drop it. Upon hearing this request, Gandhi paused in silence
and then told the mother, "Bring the girl back to me in three weeks
and I will speak to her then."

Just as she was instructed, the mother returned with her daughter,
and Gandhi, as he had promised, spoke to the girl about the detrimental
effects of eating too many sweets. He counseled her to give them up.

The mother gratefully thanked Gandhi, but was perplexed. "Why,"
she asked him, "did you not speak to my daughter when we first came to you?"

"My good woman," Gandhi replied, "three weeks ago
I myself was still addicted to sweets!"


And please don't get me started on the new Blogger.  They got me today.  I hate being forced into something I don't want.  I love the way they say streamlined, but I find there is more steps to get your blog written and published than ever before.  Right now I am not a happy campler.


  1. The new Blogger thingy got you too, hu?

    Yes, I think they are doing it, to everyone now.

    Ahhh yes, new-and-better-and-stream-lined. The constant cry, in today's world. WHY? is my constant cry!!!

    And as to celebrity worship, don't get me going. Ugh...


  2. Oh Dear,
    I had read not so long ago that Lindsay had been offered a very important part. She was given the chance to play the part of Elizabeth Taylor in her biographical movie.

    There were a lot of other actresses who wanted that part. Perhaps she is running out of chances.

    I do hope she can pull it together and turn herself around. It is always sad when a young
    person goes astray.

    The new format I tried when I first came back.
    I could not figure out how to allow comments to
    post amongst several other things.

    So, I switched back to the old format for a while until I got it set up properly. I am
    using it now, but at one point my whole blog

    I am finding they are changing the google documents as well. I keep my poetry stored there. I do not understand what they are doing
    with that and I am worried I will lose everything.

    You should be allowed to chose to keep your own blog or documents the way you want it, but alas
    Google does not offer freedom of choice.

    Look what they have done to U Tube. There is no
    individuality at all left there. I cannot even upload a video there anymore. I enjoyed making my own video's. I believe it has something to do with the fact I did not allow advertising on
    my U Tube page.

    I see it as a look of what is to come on Blogger. Personally I would be willing to pay
    to keep U Tube and Blogger free of advertising.

    Other blog sites offer this option, why not Google ?

    hugs Sharon

  3. Love that Gandhi story! Now THERE was someone worth looking up to!

  4. While I may be a bit confused about my beliefs at this moment in time, I do know that following a loser will never make you better. If all our examples are 'dumbed down' how can we grow stronger, become better? It's as if 'something' (I don't have a clue what) is trying to take away any common sense or power that we may have. Instead of reading or learning or even just have a glass of wine and conversing with a friend so many people I know are watching trash t.v. and wondering why their lives suck. You are on to something... but what?