Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blessed Mabon to All

Stopping by before I head out to the fruit stand to wish you all a day of great joy and peace. May all of your wishes come true as we celebrate this most special day of harmony and balance.

The corn, in golden light,

Waves o'er the plain;
The sickle's gleam is bright;
Full swells the grain.

Now send we far around
Our harvest lay!
-Alas! a heavier sound
Comes o'er the day!

On every breeze a knell
The hamlets pour,-
-We know its cause too well,
She is no more! 

Her soft eye's blue,-
-Now o'er the gifts of God
Fall tears like dew!

--Felicia Dorothea Hemans--


  1. Happy and yummy shopping and may your wishes come true as well!
    Blessed be!

  2. Yes, the Autumn Equinox and the blogosphere brings a rich harvest of friends! Hugs and Mabon blessings to you!

  3. Wishing you the happiest of Mabons, also.


  4. A Very Blessed Mabon to You as well Mary!

    Have fun shopping! :)

    All my love,

  5. May this Mabon bring you natural sweetness and bounty of delights.

  6. Mabon blessings coming your way. So glad it is now officially Autumn, hurray! Let's hope for a nice long, pleasant one.
    Hope you find some delicious fruits!!!

  7. Blessed Mabon to you. Enjoy the fresh corn while it lasts!
    Sending love and light, peace and harmony.

  8. Happy Autumn Mary! Much love and a happy harvest season to you and yours!

    I do wish I had gotten to the farm stands more this summer - the garden has kept me running though, when not at work. It's too bad I can't ship veggies across the border - I'd have a ton of tomatoes for you right now - lol!

  9. Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing time at Mabon. We have very heavy rain here today in the UK. I am so enjoying it and its lovely music.
    BB Sue