Sunday, August 14, 2011

On a Rainy Sunday

The stars are suspended on strings that
are pulled up in the daytime and let down
at night.

 -Babylonian Mythology, 3000 B.C.-

 We're having a very rainy Sunday here.  Storms last night were so loud and so much rain fell that they woke me from a deep sleep.  Temperature is cool, but humid.  The house is dark and without the lights on, you'd think it was the middle of the night...night which is the reason behind my rare Sunday post.

First, I would like to apologize to any of you who have been following my Remember When blog.  If you have checked, you will have found it no longer exists.  It was fun when I first began the blog, but later I found that, although I love reminiscing about the past and all, it becomes a chore when it becomes something you feel that you have to do...and readers pick up on it, I know, because I was losing followers faster than I was gaining them.   Hence, I deleted the blog...deleting it only to make some room on my picture album.  

In its place is a blog I have really been thoroughly enjoying.  As most of you know, I have always loved the night.  Even as a child, I'd spend time staring at the stars rather than sleeping.  Many a night mom would come to my room and find me playing with my paper dolls in my bedroom window under the moonlight.  Then, when I grew older, all of my jobs were at night.  It wasn't until I had children and found myself having to keep pace with the rest of the world, that I began working during the day and sleeping at night.  

Even now, after so many years on the day shift, I find that on weekends and vacation,...and even on some work nights, I find myself wandering about during the wee hours of the night....watching the moon, the stars...feeling the cool night breezes upon my face.  There is nothing more glorious to a night creature such as myself. Hence the idea of a blog about everything to do with the night and A Journey Through the World of Shadows was born.


  1. Yes, I was wondering where "Remember When" went! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

  2. My friend.....sorry, but I won't be reading you there. :0( Not enough time in my life as it is. Know others will enjoy though. :0)

  3. I wonder if we were staring up at the moon at the same time last night. I was wandering around in the dark, but with all that moonlight it was easy to see! I love the night & starlight, but value my sleep so much that I'm rarely up very late. Hope you've had a good weekend!

  4. Hello dear Mary.....Just stopped in to catch up with you. I'm often up wandering around at night also...not because I'm a night person though...simply because of "hot flashes". LOL LOL

    I should call you.....we probably would have a lot to talk about. (O:(O:(O:



  5. when blogging becomes a chore, then it is time to stop... your new blog will be just as interesting in different ways! change is always good :) xo