Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My New Office Space

I've been talking about it for awhile now, so I thought I would show you all a few pictures I took yesterday of my new office space.   It looks nice, clean, neat, and colorful, but remember that looks can be very deceiving. 

This is our little cubicle.  Four of us sit here.  My seat is to the right.  Notice how we are out in the open.  The hallway and group rooms are right in front of this opening, and clients are continuously back and forth, and leaning over the little walls to interrupt us and chat.  

There is another cubicle right next to ours where three other counselors sit.  They have it worse than us.  They have a hall on both sides...constant interruptions. 

This is one of the wee little group rooms. Fifteen clients plus group facilitator sit in here. Hot and claustrophobic.  

This is my little area of the make-shift desk.  Some of my little guys came with me.  Not much room for them. The flower sings and dances. The frog sings 'Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog.'  The shell was a gift from a client and often I pick it up to hear the sounds of the ocean.    All the wires make it look kind of sloppy, but I've done my best to make it at least a little cheerful. 

I saw four clients in individual sessions yesterday and didn't really have a problem finding a private room to meet.  We have two swing offices, the nurse's office, and group rooms when not in use.  I think the worst of it is the never-ending noise.  There is NEVER a silent moment.  We hear everyone's conversations, phones are constantly ringing. Our clients leave at 1 pm, but the mental health day treatment program is located on the same floor, right next door, so even after our clients leave, we still have those clients wandering about, conveniently getting lost so they can see what's going on on our side. 

The elevator is from 'hell' old freight elevator that has seen better days.  I say a little prayer each time I enter it.  Yesterday, it kept getting stuck about two feet from the exit doors, and people had to climb out of it. They say it has been inspected and is not about to crash, but, in any case, I was really thankful that the elevator girl offered me her seat because somehow, it was easier to handle in a seated position.

And finally, can you believe $1.75 for a small bottle of water?  I nearly fell off my chair when I heard that one.  This is such an expensive neighborhood that I just know I will be losing some weight. It just goes to show you that, no matter how bad a situation may seem, there is always some good to find in it.


  1. Yikes that elevator! How many floors will it fall, I mean go up and down....(sorry, Mary, just a little humor) The noise, I think, would be the worse for me. Good luck!! Stay positive.

  2. When I dwelt in cube-land, I listened to music pretty much all the time, loud enough to drown out the next-cube-resident's frequent, detailed phone conversations about her female issues but not so loud that I couldn't hear the phone ring or someone speak to me. If you're allowed to have music players -- mine at the time was a CD player and headphones -- I'd recommend it. The music varied depending on what I was working on at the time. I did a lot of editing and writing to classical. Your lack of privacy and personal space is pretty discouraging, I'll admit.

  3. I've worked in an open concept office like that too. I feel your pain.

  4. Holy Toledo!
    Your work place sounds like my house.
    Constant noise of some sort. :0(
    I'm thinking they should issue all of you Ear Plugs. ;0)

  5. Good grief!!! What *duffusssssssss* designed this place?

    And the wall color! Orange! Orange is going to "get old" quickly. Having to be surrounded by it, day after day after day.

    And so out in the open, and able to be interrupted!

    And if both you and the person in the next chair-over, both roll back at once, you'll collide!

    What imbicel (spelling? but you can sound it out) set up offices this way, and in such a place? And with a freight elevator you may have to climb out of??????

    I shake my head in wonderment.

    Good grief, I wondered if you'd ask you ghost (in last place) to come over. I'm sure you didn't, and the poor ghost must be glad too. Why would she want to wander in this awful place? -sigh-

  6. Oh dear Mary.....It does sound like this is not the perfect spot....but you have done a wonderful job of putting all your little special things in it. Would it be possible for you to wear ear plugs some of the time? Just me thinking out loud.

    Stay well,


    P.S. I sent you an e-mail...I hope you got it and it is not wondering around in the blogesphere.

  7. While I love the fact that you've shared your office space with us (and I love your touches you've added to your space), I can't imagine working in an atmosphere like this. How counter-productive. My head would virtually snap off at the end of a day here. I don't know how you do it Mary but my kudos to you!
    As the others have shared...I'd have to wear earplugs and listen to music.
    Maybe you can do a clearing on the space in private? As for the elevator I don't know if I could step into it are a brave woman indeed!
    Wishing for you a lovely evening! :)
    Blessings Dear Friend...

  8. The setting of the office looks fine! I get the privacy you were mentioning! It's quite hard to work if you feel that all eyes are on you. The rooms are spacious enough, so I hope something was done to remedy the problem.

    Clayton Steadham @Metro Offices