Monday, August 29, 2011

Autumn Thoughts

I know it's a bit early for autumn thoughts; well, maybe not that early.  After all, Labor Day is right around the corner.  Almost time to change my background. Time sure is flying by.  When I stepped out in the yard last night, it surely did feel like fall had arrived.  The aftermath of Irene brought us some wonderful cool temps and such a fantastic breeze; actually, I really shouldn't call 30 miles per hour a breeze, but it felt like heaven brushing against my face after spending the weekend cooped up in a humid, over-crowded household.  

Well, today is the first day at the new place, and they finally got us online.   I don't like the feel of the aura here.  We're all seated on top of each other...each with their own personality with all of its quirks.  And, I'm no angel.  I come with my baggage, too.  This really should prove interesting, to say the least. 

Gone hath the Spring, with all its flowers,
And gone the Summer's pomp and show,
And Autumn, in his leafless bowers,
Is waiting for the Winter's snow.

I said to Earth, so cold and gray,
'An emblem of myself thou art.'
'Not so,' the Earth did seem to say,
'For Spring shall warm my frozen heart.'
I soothe my wintry sleep with dreams
Of warmer sun and softer rain,
And wait to hear the sound of streams
And songs of merry birds again.

But thou, from whom the Spring hath gone,
For whom the flowers no longer blow,
Who standest blighted and forlorn,
Like Autumn waiting for the snow;

No hope is thine of sunnier hours,
Thy Winter shall no more depart;
No Spring revive thy wasted flowers,
Nor Summer warm thy frozen heart.

John Greenleaf Whittier


  1. Sounds like time for a few cleansing breaths every day before starting work, maybe a nice green plant on your desk, and some other little objects to bring you peace, harmony and to chase away the dark vibes! Good luck, Mary!

  2. It's hard to picture, but I'm sure it isn't a pretty one.
    Wonder how the others feel.
    Nope....this can't be good !

  3. Sounds like the beginning of a difficult work time.

    Is there any way to protect yourself? Any way to be able to almost put a barrier up, around yourself, so you don't feeeeeeeeeel that closeness of all the rest of them, with all their vibrations? (Vibrations in not the correct word, but I hope you will understand what I'm trying to say.)

    Can you kind of set-your-mind, to give you a protective barrier of sorts?


    Others will ask this, in a better way, I'm sure. I wish you well. I wish you calm. I wish you protection, of some sort or another....

    Gentle hugs...