Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Moon Solar Eclipse - January 4, 2011

To our ancestors, the Sun was a God to be worshipped.  The Egyptians saw him as Ra, while the Greeks saw him as being drawn across the sky by Apollo in a chariot of gold.  And, before  the advent of science, our ancestors gazed up at solar eclipses with apocalyptic fear. They saw it as a portent of doom.   The disappearance  of the Sun was a scary thing — without its light, they would all die...

...and, here we are only few days into the New Year,  and we have the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn; the  Moon is in between the Earth and the Sun.   A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon that packs a tremendous wallop; it always occurs at New Moon when the Moon and Sun rise together.  The Sun, Moon, and the Earth are in exact or nearly exact line up, and from its position, the Moon cuts off not only the light from the Sun to the Earth, but the Sun itself.  Hence, the Sun appears black. In other words, the Moon,  our emotional body, is blocking the light of the Sun.

The impact of an eclipse is typically much more potent than a regular New Moon, and may last up to six months. It is also true that at times the ramifications of an eclipse are not immediately felt...although usually they are...and often we can even feel the affects of it up to three months prior to it.  The New Moon or Solar Eclipse is all about new beginnings, new starts,  those areas of our lives which we hope to work on.  They describe the crossroads of your life and show where change may be necessary. The Eclipse opens doors and invites you to take a look at those areas your life that need attention.  Sometimes Solar Eclipse will  bring focus to a prominent male figure in your life---father, husband, boss, or some other key man.

The New Moon signifies  rebirth, beginnings,  the start of a new cycle, and while it is true that something may very well be coming to a close, the greater focus is on the initiation of the new that it brings.  This month's New Moon falls in Capricorn, the sign  which is symbolizeby the goat climbing up the mountain...with the mountain signifying the personification of success.   The Moon in Capricorn helps us to reconnect with the Earth element in our lives.  The challenge we face here  is to awaken our inner self-reliance   Capricorn wants to be successful in whatever it does, so this New Moon Eclipse will likely have the effect of firing up your ambitions making this the perfect time to really get going on whatever  New Year’s resolutions you may have made for yourself. 

The New Moon in Capricorn focuses on discipline, responsibility, structure, and authority.  Hence, this  will be one of the best New Moons for pursuing new goals and making serious commitment towards success and achievement. Capricorns are hard working , persevering and goal oriented. Capricorn defines itself by the work it does and takes great pride in their accomplishments and professionalism..


  1. I have been seeing goats EVERYWHERE and even blogged about Pan this week.....Time to bust out my Native American animal book and do some reading.

    Thanks for this post, another great one Mary!

  2. Mary I so love your header picture...it just calls to my heart!

    I am feeling this eclipse already...for several days now as well as the New Moon Energies pouring in. Born on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius this is always a powerful time for me. When I was young I was very much the Capricornian Goat but the older I've gotten I've moved into Aquarian mode...Today tho, I am hanging in the balance, much like walking a tightrope with balance pole in hands. It is a strange feeling I cannot describe.

    Hope you have a wonderful day my Sister/Friend! Blessings upon Blessings
    to You and Family!

  3. Wow, eclipses everywhere over the last little while!

  4. Golly Mary......I wish I was a Capricorn....unfortunately, I'm a Libra.....does all this good news apply to me also??


  5. Stopped by to read and say, " I'm thinking of you".
    One day at a time m/f.

  6. I am a double capricorn.. my birth sign as well I have Capricorn rising..
    this post has helped me.. I know that all of this is relevant to me right now.. facing fears of being alone.. keeps coming up as a dark night for me, I don't know why..
    I am going to write your wise words in my journal and work with them this year - thankyou. love you much miss Mary xo

  7. oh and also Mary.. funny that this should come up.. my title page in my journal this year is about cross roads !!

  8. Oh wow did this post speak to me or what!
    Love Leanne