Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Already?

If it weren't for the dark days,
we wouldn't know what it is to walk in the light.
--Earl Campbell--
Another Monday morning!  Spent much of yesterday nursing the aches and pains that come from all the physical labor required to dismantle Christmas and bring the house back to normal.  What a hectic weekend it was!  Shopping, cooking for two weeks, AND taking down the decorations, but it The house is all back in order....village is packed away and books back in their respective places on the shelf. There is something so bittersweet about this activity each year; the season is just so short.  All the fun, excitement, and planning for the holiday is over...and far too quickly.  Adrenaline, once high, has now hit its yearly low.  I really didn't want to do all this this year, all those decorations.   Actually, I say that every year, but every year the village still goes up in the end. It's just so much work for something that comes and goes before we even realize it is here...but it is one of our family traditions.  Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the skaters circling the tree or the children looking in the toy store window as the carolers sing nearby. 

The post holiday blues. Come this time of year, and I find myself overwhelmed by a feeling of sadness...and I am not alone. Many people suffer the post holiday blues. Holidays are times when we suspend our ordinary lives and enter into an entirely different universe. And then, quick as a flash they are over, and we once again find ourselves back in reality. The excitement of pre-holiday planning is over and for some strange reason the blues hit and that joyful sense of new beginning that I felt at New Years has gone. The emotional crash I experience is hard to explain. It feels like something is missing and I experience a sense of sadness and emptiness.

And January can be such cruel month. Terrible weather plagues us, and the cold and darkness keeps us indoors. Perhaps if I could take a nice walk in the country woods, I wouldn't feel so letdown, but alas, I am a city-dweller...and the change of seasons has turned the hot, steamy concrete into an icy walkway; getting about can be difficult in the snow months.  Yet, while the month of February is a cold and bitter month, the arrival of Imbolc at the beginning of the month is a promise that Spring will soon arrive, and new life will begin again.

The bud itself is the miracle.  To watch the upthrust of a daffodil,
to see it take form as a flower-to-be, to see the bud grow and take
on the warmth of color--there is the very synthesis of spring.



  1. Quickly wishing you a wonderful day m/f.

  2. I planted my amaryllis bulbs for Christmas and was disappointed when they did not bloom in time Yet now they sit on my dinning room table. One in full bloom, a second on the verge of opening and yet a third that will come later.

    We have not had the cold and wet weather like you this year also so winter has not been as brutal. Stay warm and take care. I think of you often when I see reports on the snow that has fallen in your area. blessings

  3. I'm sorry that you have this yearly let-down. But the icy weather of this time, is certainly enough to do it. Even without anything else. My hope is for your safety, while walking.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my recent blog entry.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Good morning Mary..time after the holidays can be tough even on the hardiest soul. I, too, am reflecting on years past and what I want from years to come. It is interesting tho....instead of being sad about this prospect...I'm quite excited. My personal landscape has been rearranged this past year and by having this seem to have enabled me to be a little more free with my thoughts and my writing....not caught up in the same old garbage that I seem to have carried around for so long....I think I'm ranting a time to stop.

    Stay well...spring is around the corner.

    i'm ranting a little.....

  5. Yes, it's a hard time of year, in part because we have so little daylight. We are also burned out from the holiday madness. During these darks times, I think it's best to lay low and allow ourselves to feel what we feel. And Yes! Imbolc soon - it gives us hope!! Hang in!

  6. Have you noticed that's it's not dark at 4:30 in the afternoon any more? The very darkest days are behind us and daylight creeps up a little more every day.
    Still cold like a b**ch!!

    Stay warm.

  7. Been busy myself "dismantling" the house. It's hard work but I love the results, everything looks so neat and refreshed, a subtle reminder that Spring will be here before we know it. Happy NEw Year my friend XO

  8. This was the first year I rushed to get the decorations down shortly after Christmas. Part of me just wanted some sense of normalcy back. Still - there really is a 'down' time after the holidays. Oh, if we all were able to fly South for a month of holidays - then maybe January wouldn't seem so grim!

    Hugs to you Mary!