Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Rant of the Year: The Blame Game

This picture looks really pretty, but it's not really very pretty over here.  Matter of fact, it is downright ugly. Wasn't really planning on ranting this early in the year, but, when I heard on the news that they demoted the EMS chief because of the blizzard bungle, I was left shaking my head in disbelief.  How is it HIS fault that the streets were not plowed and the ambulances could not get through.  Granted, he did have other problems and probably would have been canned anyway, but now?  Seems to me that someone is looking for a scapegoat.  

I've heard of several deaths due to the inability of healthcare workers to make it through the snow.  One was the death of a 3 month old child who
was left brain dead  after snow-clogged routes prevented medics from reaching him quickly.  It took almost a half hour for rescue workers to reach the home, and on top of that, the ambulance got stuck in the snow on an unplowed street just 30 yards short of the emergency room.  Workers grabbed the infant and and ran across the snow filled street.  Imagine that...the main street outside of the emergency room was not cleared of snow.  And this didn't happen during the storm.  This was several days later.  Unbelievable, isn't it?

Meanwhile, the one who really should be taking the fall, sits back on his arse and pronounces on television that HIS guys get an A+ for the job they did.  If it hadn't hurt so many people, it would actually be funny.  The guy is a comedian.  I've lived on my block for twelve  years now, and I can honestly say that the street cleanup service we got for this storm in no way compares to the service in the past.  During other storms, the plows kept me up all night long.  This time, I only heard it come through once and as it went through, the snow was still on the street.  Many say the trucks were going through with their plow slightly raised...and from what I saw, I have to believe it.

He also stated that all this garbage pileup is NOT a health hazard.  Is he for real?  Rotting garbage and rats are not a health hazard?  Seriously, does he really believe that we are that stupid?  I've not seen a rat in my neighborhood, but who really knows what goes on at night!    I've had no garbage pickup since December 21st.  That is 17 days today.  You can just imagine what it looks like with all these trash bags piled sky high.  (I wanted to take a picture this morning, but hubby borrowed my camera).  

Yesterday as I was climbing the subway stairs I looked down and saw about four sanitation trucks parked along the side of the road.  The workers were drinking coffee and eating and having a good old time.  Now, this is just around the corner from my house, yet, when I got home last night, the garbage was still there.  Yes, they do deserve breaks and a lunch hour, but come on now, you were RIGHT there, and nothing has been done.  And, the news has shown pictures of workers during the storm drinking beer and sleeping.  

And now they say more snow is on the way.  The garbage was still piled up when I left this morning.  If they don't collect it today, who knows when it will be picked up...and do you know what else?  It will be MY responsibility to dig it out of the snow so they can collect it...if and when.  Will this nightmare ever end?


  1. wow...i don't blame you for ranting...this is pretty bad.

  2. Wow, what a mess. You do have to wonder where all the tax dollars are going. There is corruption everywhere - people taking advantage of the system.

    That story about the baby is so tragic - horrible - that poor family. And the thing is - it didn't have to happen. No one seems to care about anyone but themselves - there are no communities anymore, just individuals out for themselves. So many people have plows on their trucks but I bet they NEVER use them without getting paid, even in extreme situations. No one does anything for free and value is based on currency. Ugh. I hate it.

    But again - what about the tax dollars?

  3. Ambulance, fire truck and other emergency vehicle routes are the first streets that get plowed after a snowstorm here. As you so aptly point out, lives depend on it.

  4. I would have been so angry at those garbage men laughing and eating, I know my big mouth would have marched right up to them and asked them when they would be doing their job and picking up my trash. I don't know if I could handle being in your situation, I think I would probably be in jail or close to it by now.

  5. Heard on news, that this is getting more looking into. Feds to look into it, or something. Because this could now happen anywhere. With all the necessary cuts in city budgets, etc. Could lead to slow downs... By disgruntled city workers.

    Hell in a hand-basket...

    Yet another way, we can "be like Europe."


  6. what is the reason that this is happening? are the workers striking? or just lack of funds?
    corruption from the top, right to the very bottom. so, so sad for the family of the little baby :(

  7. What a mess...So sad for the emergency situations gone badly...

    New camera for Christmas? The new digitals do so'll have a great time...looking forward to seeing the results...

  8. I would have ranted too! There was/is no reason for this to happen in today's world, other than an I'll show you. How sad....