Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ah, the Winter Blues

There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest
clothed to its very hollows in snow.
It is the still ecstasy of nature, wherein every spray,
every blade of grass, every spire of reed,
every intricacy of twig, is clad with radiance.

--William Sharp--

A person can dream, can't they? Actually, there is nothing more beautiful than a forest bathed in white, glistening snow. The frost reflects on the twigs and branches as the dull winter trees are transformed in objects of beauty, each branch enhanced by a covering of snow. And when the Sun shines during the day, the snow seems so much more brighter and beautiful to look at, but even at night, there is much to admire....the snow falling, not making a quiet and so peaceful When the moon is out, its light reflects onto the snow and ice, causing them to glitter as if they were diamonds. Old Jack Frost paints his masterpieces on windowpanes for our delight, and icicles of various shapes and sizes hanging from the window sill.

Those are my memories a a country winter...a magical world of snowmen and snow angels, of snow balls and snow forts, of squirrels scampering across the white blanketed grounds as the winter birds sing, oblivious to the crisp, cold air....a far cry from the slush and sleet and slippery,  garbage-lined sidewalks that have become a part of our landscaping here in the city.  The beautiful whiteness of the fresh fallen snow far too  soon gives way to the gray, dingy, dirty mounds of snow which melt as the temperature warms up  and form huge black puddles at the crosswalks, some so deep the cold water seeps in over the top of your boot,  which, if you want to cross the street, are unavoidable. Not a worry today, though.  Just got back from food shopping, and it is so frigid.  What people didn't shovel or throw salt on is a mass of ice.  It was slow going for me today.  I am so afraid of falling. 

You are all probably saying to yourself, "This one doesn't know what she wants."  And you are absolutely right.  Just a few short months ago I was envying those of you who already had a snowfall...and wishing it would happen here.  Well, you know the old saying, be careful what you wish for.  Well, who knew?  Who knew that once the snow started, it would never seem to stop, that after one big snowfall, sanitation would never be able to get it together...and each time you feel a sense of hope that maybe, just maybe, the neighborhood would finally get cleaned up, more snow comes down, and the cycle begins again...over and over, week after week. 

(The following gives some idea about what my neighborhood has looked like since before Christmas.  See the dirty mass of snow.  Add some doggy do and urine stains in there and you've got a clear picture of snow in the city. This is one of the better days because some of the garbage was picked up.)

All in all though, as much as I complain, winter is indeed a special time...a time of fluffy slippers, homemade soup, thick sweatshirts, and hot chocolate with marshmallows.   All those extra pounds are well hidden under the bulky sweater, and Saturday cooking sprees without overheating the house.  The season gifts us with the opportunity to think about the past seasons, and glean the lessons we learned in them. At the same time, winter gives us a needed rest and time to plan for spring and new beginnings. 

  "In the bleak midwinter
Frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter,
Long ago."
-  Christina Rossetti-

 (My first shot of the moon.  Could be better, but not bad on a cloudy night.  Just stood there waiting for the clouds to part and when they did, there she was)


  1. great moon picture and i couldn't agree more about the forest in winter...i love the quietness and the beauty

  2. Like it! Love the poem at the end.

  3. ~yeah...your first moon shot and a beautful moment indeed!!! hot chocolate with marshmellows a staple in our home...wishing you a wonderful day ahead...much love light and blessings~

  4. I've never lived in a city so I've not experienced any Season there, but it certainly doesn't look as purty as my backyard or the bones of my garden covered in snow. Not that I live in the country by any means, but I'm content here, this is and will always be my home. I know you miss the country, and hopefully when it's time you will be back there.

  5. I love the moon pic - very mysterious!

    I'm with you on the wish it was here/wish it was gone front. The sun has come out today though, so I'm gearing up for a walk so I can soak in some of those rays!

    Hope you've had a good weekend! xoxo

  6. Hello Mary....I've been to New York several times...altho...always in Summer or Spring....Oh that cold weather!!!! I agree with you...the best things are the hot chocolate, homemade soup, a good book and snuggly slippers.

    Stay warm,


  7. NOW there is a picture of Winter In The City! -sigh- Your Readers can't fully appreciate what you have to view, without pics.

    Don't worry, the weather will change and you'll have pretty growing things, to enjoy and picture. HUGGGGGGGGGGGSSSS...