Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Full Moon Eclipse and the Winter Solstice on 21st

What a shame that I missed it.  I tried, I really tried, but I just didn't get up in time.  First, I awoke a little after 1 am, thought about getting up to wait, but then turned over again.  If I didn't have to work, I might have gotten up, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep again if I stayed awake for too long.  Then, I fell back asleep and didn't wake up to the alarm. 

The Full Moon of December  is known as the Long Night's Moon or Full Cold Moon.  It is during this month that the cold of winter fastens Her grip; the nights are at their longest and darkest. It is the last Moon phase of the year.  In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the day that the Winter Solstice is celebrated.  It is a time of deep inner reflection and stillness.    The Druids called this day the Festival of Liberation or the Day Out of Time. It’s a time to celebrate and invoke the return of the Light, our Light, to set things right in the world. This will be a powerful time, indeed.   The Winter Solstice marks a season of  faith, hope, and testing.  It is symbolically viewed as the transforming rebirth of the life-giving Sun...going from dark to light. 

The Winter Solstice heralds in a very powerful Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of Gemini which governs communication, and  thought.  The Sun will be in the last degrees of  Sagittarius which governs religion, philosophy, spirituality, and personal growth.  The Solstice occurs when the Sun enters the time of tropical Capricorn. Any eclipse falling on a Solstice is automatically three times more powerful.  The last time this occurred was nearly 400 years ago. was on June 21, 2001.  And, this will be a total eclipse, not partial, thus adding to its strength.  This indicates things coming to an end or culmination in a fairly big way, thus providing a pivotal turning point for us as we seek to more fully align our life’s journey with our inner guidance inspired by our higher wisdom. We are made aware that change is necessary for growth to continue to unfold. 

In Celtic mythology, the Winter Solstice marks the death of the old king, the old year, and the birth of the new king, or new year.  hence, it will be a time of endings, but in these events are the seeds of new growth. This will be a time to remove those things that are not serving us well in our lives, knowing that new positive pathways await us.  Eclipses  trigger necessary changes in our life. It may not be easy, but letting go or releasing possessions, habits, beliefs, and even people, is necessary make room for something better to  come into our lives as we move forward in our life's journey. There is often feelings of sadness and anxiety that arise with these choices, and emotional waves are possible...so be gentle with yourself and others if this triggers a lot of emotions.

The Full Moon occurs just hours before the Sun enters hardworking and ambitious Capricorn, we might get more emotional, more dreamy, more unconscious.   It also occurs at the last degree of Gemini/Sagittarius, signs which rule how we think and what we believe about life, pushing us to resolve the full energies of the two signs with wisdom and compassion. 


  1. i missed it too, our sky was pretty overcast. thanks for the great explanation , i been very emotional the last two day... probably a combination of things.

  2. :-) And neither did we.

    Happy Yule!

    Merry Yule!

    Whichever you prefer...

    And lots and lots of gentle Yule hugs, to you my Friend...

  3. Solstice blessings, Mary! We had cloud cover here too so I don't know how much of the eclipse was visible.

  4. ~good morning to you...i set my alarm...woke and the clouds had covered her so there was nothing to be seen...i just went outside with my coffee and there she was full and bright...though no eclipse the moment standing beneath her light all the same...i wish you a blessed solstice~yule this day...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

  5. Merry Yule! While it was clear as a bell here at the Jersey Shore, I made it til 12:30am and conked out : ( woke up at 2 and said to myself "I'm gonna get up in one more minute". The next thing I know....it's 7am and I've got Littleman in front of me saying "Happy First Day of Winter Mommy".

  6. Wishing you a Magical Solstice..wonderful post..awesome...I always enjoy visiting here..you are magnificent!
    Wishing you many new blessings and sparkles in the year ahead!

  7. I know you visit Twain12.
    Gabi has it from UTUBE on her blog.:0)
    It was probably a bad viewing night for you anyway.

  8. Many, many Yule blessings to you and yours. I didn't see the eclipse either :(

  9. Thank for sharing this informative post....I did not see the eclipse...as a lady with sleeping problems anyway...I was hesitant to get up once asleep.

    I like it that this is symbolic of new beginnings.....we all need those every once in a while....

    Many hugs,


  10. I didn't see most of the eclipse.... clouds rolled in and covered the moon completely after about 20 minutes. I did get to see the beginning.

    Blessed Yule to you and yours!

  11. deeply emotional down, I initiate an end to my 10 years relationship with my girl friends on that day, not knowing about this powerful effect. I only aware of this after 2 weeks later. weeks later, i also notice there are a few more couple choose to end their relationship during that period of time. Including me is about 7 pairs, all not aware of this powerful effect when making decision... hope this is a good decision...

  12. Stonehenge picture is absolutely lovely.