Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 15 : Something or Someone you Couldn’t Live Without, Because you’ve Tried Living Without it.

This was an easy one, one that I didn't have to give much though to.  It goes without saying that I could 'never' live without my family, but the answer must be about  something I HAVE tried living without, and I have never tried to live without my family.  Now, on the other hand, when our internet went down at work,  I have to admit that  I found myself going through withdrawals.  I actually found myself using the internet on my cell phone, and  although I learned how to maneuver Yahoo email, I just couldn't seem to log into Blogland.  Oh, I felt so cut off and alone. 

It's hard to believe that I am only about five years into the world of computers.  Oh, I have had  one at work, but I hadn't discovered the world of Yahoo groups nor the world of blogging.  At the most, I did my work and then played some of the games.  And then, when my sister-in-law gave me a computer the school system was going to throw away,  I was overjoyed; that is, until I turned it on.   In start-up mode it sounded like one of those old jalopies whose engine was having a hard time turning over, and with all its sputtering, I knew that I shouldn't get too attached to it.  And slow?  Hey, I'm not even going to go there... 

...so, you can imagine my surprise and total sense of joy when hubby surprised me with a brand new HP computer on Christmas, 2005.  It was so fast, I didn't know what to do with myself.  I could play games, do research, even earn my degree.    My goodness, I can no longer remember what it was like to wonder about things without being able to look them up on the internet.  And typewriters.  Remember them?  I completed most of my degree with a book and my old typewriter.    

Yes, it is true that since that time,  the computer has become intertwined with almost every aspect of my life....and I bet most of you think that that is my answer will be, but if you think it is the computer that I can't live without, you are wrong.  It is you, my dear blog friends, all of you, who I missed the most that day I had to go without.  The moment I got home that day I raced to the computer and the first place I headed?....Blogland.  Yes, it is all of you I can not do without...

...for some of the deepest friendships of my life have been with people I have never seen. ..my online friends.  It was with the help of my online friends that I was finally able to toss my cigarettes, and it was another online friend that opened my up to the world of Avalon and the Avalonian Tradition.  I lost her in December of last year, but she will always remain in my heart....and it was through another online friend that I learned that Blogland exists.  For that, I thank you Sobeit.  And now, I have all of you in my life, and I am so overwhelmed with the love that finds its way across the miles...and I no longer feel alone.  I love you all.

Friendship is so much more than a word, a handshake, and a smile.
It's the ability to see the inner beauty in someone.
Vonda K. Van Dyke


  1. Ahhhh yes, we do get *attached* to computers, don't we? :-)

    Even if I can go without it for a bit, betcha' I'd start "crawling the walls," if it went on toooooo long. I'm nosy and I want to know what's going on with all my blogging pals. :-)

    Winter hugs...
    On Dec. 7th, 1941 - 'A date which will live in infamy'

  2. I started this computer thing quite late in life also.....it has truly opened a whole new world...although I'm still a little shy about what I put out there.



  3. Well, you know me Mary...now I'm blubbering..cause I feel the same exact way!

    Who knew when we started this journey the friendships that would arrive from it?
    I feel blessed and full of joy for the friendship we two have formed along with the many others out here in Blogland. There are days when I think it is evil incarnate but most days I am thinking it was truly a work of Mother/Father God to truly connect each one of us as in the Web of Life!

    Thank You for 'Sharing' from your heart each day...


  4. Another LATE BLOOMER here and I feel as you do.
    When mine goes down, first thing I think is that if I can't get it up again they will think I'm dead.
    Long live our friendships. (((hugs)))

  5. Mary, Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :) I am afraid you may misunderstand though, I am in no way dissatisfied with my relationship, my partner and I chose to move to the coast with his mom, because there were much better prospects here for my degree than where my parents live (where there are no jobs in my field). I have put out tons of resumes I have great references and I have applied to every available posting in my field, I have also handed a resume in to every contract firm in my province even if they are not hiring. My partner is willing to move pretty much anywhere I get a job so that I can do what I love. The downside is that the job is seasonal (summer) and right now there are very few jobs open for my field until spring arrives. So with an MA it is hard to convince a retail outlet that you are not going to leave when a better job you are more qualified for comes along, and with the contract firms, they want more experience. So in a way you are right I do feel trapped but it is by circumstances and not my relationship. I am upset that no job has come through in my field or not, with the hundreds of resumes and applications I have taken the time to fill out and still nothing. I am also still recovering from an injury and being hurt also makes one feel much more limited in their options. I want to thank you so much for your comments and to say that I love comments and even if someone may misunderstand I prefer a comment! Also thank you so much if I were in a relationship where I feel trapped I would have someone who was willing to stand up and encourage me to live my own life. Thank you so much! your support and your comments are so wonderful and supportive. Thank you again.