Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010...Back Online

 (Taken outside my back door at 5:35 pm.  Notice how enormous these flakes were)

Whew!!!!  Didn't see this one coming.  On Thursday they said the blizzard was going to pretty much miss us; then, the next thing I hear, it is heading straight towards us.  Well, I have heard this one before...and usually, the storm from hell turns out to be only half of what they projected it to be.  Boy, was I taken by surprise.  

When I fell asleep on the sofa on Sunday eve, the storm was already going strong, but I was feeling quite cozy as I snuggled under my blanket and watched the last of the Christmas movies for the year.  Somewhere along the line, I dozed off and didn't awaken until 6 am in the morning....to a blank television.  Oh, someone must have come by and turned it off.  I thought to myself.  Reached for the remote...screen still stayed black.  Uh oh!!!  The house phone had already gone the night before; I expected that. Hence the need for a cell phone.  But the cable, too?  Oh my goodness.  Well, at least I still have the internet...or so I thought.  But, it  I was wrong on all counts.  Internet was down as well.  Needless to say, I find the whole thing pretty darned frustrating.  Where is all my money going to?  Heck, I understand that things happen that are beyond our control, but, I am sorry, Cablevision gets enough money from its customers that it should be able to do a better job of weather-proofing.  Last month, November, my bill for Cable and Internet was $168.  This month it has risen to $173.  A five dollar increase in one month?  And, just think about how many other customers pay the same thing and more...

...but I am not here to rant.  I'm just so happy to be back...and show off my new skills...which, I agree, need some work.  And despite it all, I feel blessed that we still had our power and plenty of food in the fridge.  And with no trains running, I had two extra days to mend my cold.  Alas, though, as I sit here typing, I here the trains beginning to run, so it's back to work tomorrow.  For now, though, I'm just happy to be here. I've missed you all so.

 (Backyard and front of the house at the beginning of the storm.  2:50 and 2:51 pm)

 (Backyard at 4:35 pm.)

(Front of house at 6:30 pm)

 (Front of house at 7:35 am.  Where did the cars across the street go?)

(Backyard at 7:40 am.  No more picnic table.)

 (10:30 am.  Finally the sky turning blue.  The blurriness is not my focus.  It's the heavy winds blowing the snow)

I thank you all for your concern. 


  1. we ha a lot of people without power...thank goodness ours stayed on

  2. Welcome Back! Glad to hear you made it through and only lost cable/internet. The snow made for some pretty pictures, but a total mess for everything else.

    Hope you had a wonderful Yule.

  3. Always wonder how people do it in the city and....STILL DO.
    Where to put the snow???????
    Same storm visited us and those howling winds were not nice.
    We Yankees are a hardy peoples, but take away our internet service and we have a Melt Down. :0)

  4. wow. I have a friend who lives on Staten Is.. and heard there was a blizzard from her! glad that you are ok.. I will admit when you said you were snuggling under a blanket while the blizzard raged outside, I was a tad jealous :)

  5. Sooooooooooooooo glad to see you post! As you know, 'cause I was trying to check up on you, last afternoon. Sorry you were without the Net, but glad you had heat and got more time off, to rest, because of the cold. [We have a cold now too..................]

    Super that you can now share pics! Super! I love pics of where blog friends live and etc. So glad you were given a camera!

    But!!!! LOL! Yup, a but!!! Now, with being able to post pics for us, may I please write you a private e-mail, concerning blog load? Please... Some time...

    Gentle New Year's hugs...

  6. ~mary...did you get a camera for christmas???its wonderful too see yoru neck of the woods and get a glimpse of your day to day through pictures!!! i am sorry for your outage...we have been watching the news of all you back there and its just crazy! i have family in mass and new hampshire so we have been trying to stay updated as they have lost power as well...i hope you had a wonderful christmas filled with only love surrounding you...and that you were able to enjoy your few days off...snow started here this morning...but will be short lived...lucky if we get an inch...hehehe...much love light and blessings be with you always~

  7. We were slammed hard here at the Jersey Shore too, but we never lost power, internet or cable. However, there is a massive clusterfuck with the plowing and other than driving a mile or so down the road (in our 4 wheel drive Jeep Wrangle) to sled with Littleman, I haven't gone anywhere. I must venture out today to food shop though, sigh.

  8. I've been following your weather...oh my.....It is colder here than usual...but NOTHING like what you are having.

    Stay warm.


  9. Lack of utilities is the problem with storms...like the snow...don't like losing the utilities...